30 April 2015

REVIEW: COFFEEASY One-cup coffee brewing set


Big fans of coffee, here at The Test Pit we've always tended to review coffee machines and makers with a technological edge; digital displays, self-scanning pods, self-cleaning systems etc. But while machines like that are great if you just need a hit of caffeine then and there, and don't really care about what is going into your morning cup of Joe, there are those of us for who coffee brewing is a ritual and an art form to be perfected. If that is you, you'll love the COFFEEASY.

The COFFEEASY is essentially a pour-over coffee brewing stand, complete with handy compartments to store all your other coffee stuff and beans. It really is as simple as a well designed stand to hold a filter cone over a single cup or mug, allowing you to make your filter coffee just how you like it, and not how an engineer in Germany assumes you like it.

Designed in the UK (in The Test Pit's home county of Yorkshire, no less), the COFFEEASY also ships with everything you need to immediately brew a cup straight out of the box. You get a good few filter cones (which can be stored in the narrow slit on the side of the machine - see our video below), a scoop to ladle out your grounds, and also - and most importantly - you get an actual bag of coffee to kick your caffeine levels into the stratosphere.

Here we are brewing a cup:

How did that taste? We have to say that we were never big fans of straight filter coffee before, preferring to each knock back several espressos during the course of the day. But the COFFEEASY has changed that. The machine is sold on the fact that your coffee will taste wonderful, and it certainly does; it's almost as if, by removing any complicated mechanical process and high pressures, we can actually taste what coffee should taste like. As fans of trying different beans from around the world, we are happy to report that the COFFEEASY lets those distinct flavours come to the surface.

As you can see in the video, there's no mess either, and certainly no impact to the environment such as you get with spent plastic espresso pods - you simply drop the brewed grounds and degradable filter into the bin. It won't cost you an arm and a leg to run either, and the only energy it uses is that which you expend to pick up your kettle.

We really love the COFFEEASY and are happy to say that it has made itself quite at home as part of our morning (and afternoon, and evening) routine. The fact that everything you need to get started is included in the kit is a big win, and one that coffee fans, both green and well-roasted, will savour.


Available from www.lecafeshop.co.uk

Find out more at www.coffeeasy.com 

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