21 May 2015

REVIEW: Aldi Camping Range

Carry On Camping.

The summer has finally arrived and festival season is upon us. Whether you're planning a few nights out below the stars, or a weekend not sleeping at Glastonbury, you're gonna need some kit. Aldi's latest Specialbuy range, starting from 21st May, is all about camping, and there are some great items included in it, at typically amazing prices. We delved right in.

This is a nicely timed camping range, as it is in May that most people might start to plan a potential camping excursion. Certainly with these incredible items now available, more people than usual will be setting out to pitch their tenst in the countryside.

Included is... a three-person dome tent (£29.99), a single person hiking tent (£19.99), a sleeping bag (£14.99), a self-inflating sleeping mat (£13.99), a portable, in-car, dual screen DVD player (£89.99), a portable gas cooker (£9.99), a camping bed (£19.99), a battery-powered orb light (£3.49), a 3W LED trekking torch (£6.99), a tent tidy (£4.99), as well as a few other handy bits and bobs.

See the full range at www.aldi.co.uk

We were sent a few of the items to test. Here's what we made of them...

Sleeping Bag. This single-sleeper sleeping bag comes in both the 'mummy' (tapered end), and normal envelope style. Despite having a two layer construction, the bag is definitely designed for summer use, being fairly thin and breathable. Once zipped up good tight inside it is nice and snug (assuming you're not camping in Antarctica) and packs up relatively small. Included is a draw-string carry bag with compression straps to squeeze it down as small as it will go. For a cheap sleeping bag that will be ideal for the British summer, this is perfect.

Self-inflating Sleeping Mat. What will definitely make a night sleeping in the above bag even more snug, is a cushioning and insulated sleeping mat. This one self-inflates pretty quickly, and is quite a remarkable thing to watch. Deflated it packs up pretty tight and is light enough to easily lug around to your campsite. To sleep on it is a joy, because although it is an inflatable, there isn't much bounce and squeak as you normally get; this is firm and cushioning.

Orb Light. Obviously, what with the earth spinning away from the sun each night, and the lack of street lights in the middle of the woods, you're going to need some illumination. Instead of making do with painfully bright torches to light your night of camping, the Orb Light projects a soft and gentle glow of yellow light. It comes with a hook to attach it to the inside of you tent, and offers enough soft light to read by without burning out your retinas. As it is battery-powered it can be taken everywhere, and we can see it being a great accessory to hook onto your backpack while out trekking.

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