15 April 2015

REVIEW: Aldi Running Range

Jog on.

Hot on the heels (or tyres) of Aldi's recent Mountain BikeRange, comes the budget supermarket's new line of clothing and accessories aimed at runners. With the weather getting steadily better and the days happily lengthening, now is the perfect time to get fit with a regular sprint around the neighbourhood, and if cash is tight, Aldi's Running Range is the answer.

As with all of the Special Buy ranges, the running kit is an eclectic mix of clothing, accessories and gadgets intended for niche (yet popular) markets. Runners need stuff just as much as cyclists do, which is why the range offers a fairly good choice of gear. It is set to land in Aldi stores from Thursday 16th April, and once the items are gone, they've gone - so be quick.

The range includes - amongst others - a running jacket (£15,99), a choice of two pairs of shoes (£19.99 & £15.99), a short sleeve compression t-Shirt (£11.99), running trousers (£9.99), running t-shirts (£7.99), an ultra-bright running t-shirt (£5.99) and a three pack of socks (£3.99). In terms of gadgety-goodies, there is a Bluetooth activity tracker (£39.99), a Bluetooth diagnostic scale (£34.99), and a Bluetooth heart rate monitor (£24,99). Just as you might expect from an Aldi fitness and activity range, all this kit is made by Crane.

We were sent a selection of the Running Range to test, and here's what we liked the most:

Bluetooth Activity Tracker. 

There are lots of activity trackers out there at the moment, with most weighing in at around £100. For £40 Aldi have one that, although isn't quite as attractive as others, isn't all that bad. Basically a pedometer that also tracks time, distance, and sleep duration, this plucky little thing is small and light, and comes with a soft strap, belt clip, and USB charging cradle. The battery is said to last for a week, and although we've yet to have it that long, despite using it every day for a few days nonstop, we have no complaints.

Running Jacket. 

As the weather has yet to fully make up its mind, a light yet sturdy running jacket is essential at this time of year. We really liked the one Aldi have included in their Running Range, as despite being nice and cheap, it is pretty good at controlling your temperature. The mesh inner lining helps to keep the jacket airy, while the water-resistant coating and hood are handy if a sudden downpour catches you out.

Premium Running Shoes. 

Although just a few pounds more expensive than the regular running shoes included in the range, the Premium Running Shoes are a delight to move around in. They're light, are constructed with a mesh outer layer to keep your tooties cool, and have reasonably well cushioned zones in the heel and ball of the foot. Serious runners might turn their noses up at them, but for those of us just starting out in running, or those who just love the occasional wander around the block, they are spot on.

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