12 April 2015

REVIEW: Aldi Mountain Bike Range

To the hills!

Back once again to grace these digital pages, Aldi have yet another bumper pack of affordable goodies for fans of a niche sport or activity. This time it is mountain bike cyclists who win big, with a whole host of new kit designed especially for those off-road and rugged pedal pushers. We check out the new Aldi Mountain Bike Range.

Just like the previous 'Special Buy' ranges that we have covered in the past, this is a limited run of clothing and accessories with a particular activity on mind. Cycling is always going to be a good one to cover, as not only is it growing in popularity, but riding a bike is one of those activities that requires a fair amount of 'stuff'.

Ahead of a forthcoming general cycling range next month, the Mountain Bike Range from Aldi focuses more on hard-wearing and rugged kit, and less on the daily commuter dodging traffic. Released from the 12th April, the selection includes just about everything you might need for a day out on difficult terrain, with the exception of an actual bike and your sandwiches to eat while looking out over gorgeous countryside.

All competitively priced and sure to fly off the shelves, most of the kit is made by good ol' Crane, a name synonymous with bargain hunters who regularly peruse Aldi's Special Buy offers. There is... a Waterproof Jacket (£24.99), a Mountain Bike Jersey (£12.99), Convertible Trousers that turn into shorts (£19.99), clip-on pedal compatible shoes (£19.99), a Backpack (19.99), a Bicycle Repair Stand (£25.00), a Foot Pump (£5.49), a Gel Saddle Cover (£3.99), and a few other essentials like gloves (£6.99) and socks (£2.99). The Garmin Edge 200 Sat Nav also makes an appearance, weighing in at what we think is a pretty decent reduced price of £69.99. We were sent a selection of the range to try out ourselves, and here's what we thought really stood out...

Waterproof Jacket

If you're biking in any part of the world other than the Sahara Desert, you'll definitely need one of these at some point. A nice trim fit, this jacket features reflective piping along the seams and a handy back pocket into which the jacket can be folded and stored. Comfortable on, and surprisingly cosy despite the thinness.


Crucial for carrying your kit when out on the hills, you'll struggle to find a decent cycling backpack for anything less than £20. But Aldi have one right here. Featuring a tonne of useful pockets (the main compartment of which is actually fairly roomy - imagine that!), a two litre water bladder, a toggle on which to secure your helmet, and adjustable straps for the waist and chest. We loved how versatile this backpack was, and happily used it to carry a number of essentials.

Convertible Trousers

We love a pair of trousers that can convert into shorts, especially at this time of year when you never know if you're going to get a sunny day or a downpour. These trousers from Crane are definitely designed with rugged activity in mind, but despite being tough and waterproof, they are delightfully comfortable. Also, you can't really tell that they are convertible until you start to unzip the legs, so peace of mind for the style conscious. You losers.

So once again Aldi have released a range of clothing and accessories that people, be they novices or professionals in their field, will want to buy.

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