6 February 2015

REVIEW: KitVision Splash Cam

Causing a splash.

With the recent news that GoPro made amount a gazillion dollars last year, it seems everyone is strapping action cams to their heads and jumping out of planes/off mountains/up ramps and uploading the footage to YouTube (or Fail Army if it doesn't go so well). So it makes perfect sense to make those HD cams as small and as easy to use as possible. KitVision has stepped up to the mark, with their tiny user friendly Splash Cam.

Despite the dramatic name, the Splash is actually just a decent sized action cam that comes with a removable waterproof case. That means it can be used for any situation where you need a small camera, not just those that take place in or by water. The cam itself is very simply laid out, with just two buttons (capture and mode), a micro USB port, a HDMI port and the slot for the microSD card (which isn't included, but supports up to 32GB).

Coming in black, blue or pink the Splash Cam is incredibly light and easy to use. Despite the small size and trimmed down functionality, there is however still a few options available in that on-screen menu. Photo resolution can be changed from 1.3 all the way up to 12 MP, while the video will record in 1080p at 25fps, or in 720p at 30fps. There is also the choice of a timer, continuous or single shooting, and the usual options to alter white balance, exposure etc. All this can be accessed (along with your pictures and videos) on the built-in 1.77 inch TFT LCD screen, which also features a small speaker.

There is a tripod screw on the on the bottom of the Splash Cam, to directly mount it to standard pods and mounts. But the accessories that come with the camera surely make it all worthwhile. The aforementioned waterproof enclosure is great, with a reassuring clip-closure and handy big metal push-button on top to start or stop your recording without having to remove the case. There's also a cycle helmet mount with straps so you can affix to helmets with open air vents, three M3 sticky plates to attach to smooth ski and skateboarding helmets, a bike handlebar mount, and a couple of arms and adjusters allowing you to set the Splash Cam in almost any position on whatever you're mounting it on. Oh, and a USB cable for charging and syncing.

The onboard battery will, after a full charge, last you about 90 minutes before needing more juice, which is more than enough to capture anything exciting, and the camera itself - when out of the waterproof case - is very firmly put together and feels light yet strong.

Strong is what we were hoping for when we decided to attach it to a drone helicopter and take it for a flight around the park. Conscious of added weight, we stuck the Splash to a small Revell quadcopter with some Sugru (our review here) which, thanks to the textured body of the Splash, stuck very firmly and held tight, despite a few crashes.

Here's some footage of the Splash in airborne action:

So great for both video and photos, the KitVision Splash Action Cam is a remarkably versatile bit of kit, which despite being just as good as some of the bigger action cams out there, won't cost you an arm and a leg.


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