8 February 2015

FEATURE: iPhone Cases

Back on the case.

Ever keen to keep our precious gadgets safe (check out our current bag and casecompetition) we're always scanning the net for news of interesting and unique phone cases. This time round we're turning our attention to the iPhone, both the 5 and 6 models, and have gathered together a few sexy ways to keep your talkie-box in pristine condition.

For iPhone 5/5S

Adidas Originals Snap Case

If you're sporty than you might as well make sure everyone knows it, even when you take out your phone to make a call. The Adidas Originals Snap Case is a sturdy hard shell with a rubberised grip and microfiber inlay. Easy on, the case offers protection against scratches to the back plate and slight impact protection around the sides.

Although it may not be the case of choice for those overly concerned with dropping their iPhone, the Adidas Originals range offers masses of colour choice. 14 different colour combinations are available for this case, and we're happy to say that none of them are garish and overpowering.

Be it to match your favourite team's colours,  or just to add a splash of understated personalisation, the Adidas Originals Snap Case is a sure contender.

Around £20

Visit www.adidas.co.uk

Barbour International Hard Shell

After making tough motorcycle clothing for many years, Barbour International have now branched out into also making your iPhone ready for the road. This hard shell for the iPhone 5/5S is a solid, glossy, snap-on case without any adornment but the famous Barbour logo.

Wrapping your phone up nice and tight inside that cocoon (in either white or black), the Barbour case is a plain affair with one notable extravagance: inside the case, visible only when detached from your phone, you'll see the glorious colours of the Union Jack. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!


Visit www.proporta.co.uk

For iPhone 6/6Plus


Available for both the 6 and 6 Plus, the Dux case from STM has been designed to keep your phone as safe as possible in the tragic event of a drop or fall. That bright rim is polycarbonate with a rubberised grip to help keep it in your hand, while the transparent back prevents against scratches.

The corners of the case have been reinforced (one even features a lanyard loop), while all the buttons, ports and the camera lens have been left exposed. Available in both red and black, the STM Dux is definitely a must-have item if you're super precious about that new expensive phone.


Visit www.stmbags.com.au

Aquapac Waterproof Case

More an occasional use case than an everyday item (unless you live under the sea) the Waterproof Case from Aquapac is essentially a plastic pocket with a tough clamp to seal it up tight.

The bag itself is hard-as-nails TPU plastic which will refuse to tear or rip, while the clamp features two twist locks which prevent water getting in. You can still use your phone while in the Waterproof Case, accessing all the buttons and the touchscreen. It also includes an adjustable lanyard to stop your iPhone 6 Plus sinking into the murky depths or being carried away by a jealous otter.


Visit http://store.aquapac.net

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