13 January 2015

REVIEW: Aldi Workshop Range

It's tool time!

Following on from our pre-Christmas, down-hill treat of skiing gear from Aldi, we were happy to receive another package from the supermarket chain... and this time it just dripped with testosterone. That is because Aldi are now pushing a pretty extensive selection of tools and work clothing as part of their new Workshop range. So we let our beards grow long, belched, and set to some serious D.I.Y.

Just like the ski range from December, this new selection of items, ranging from socks to wrenches, is all extremely well priced. Aldi have clearly picked a bunch of kit designed for use outdoors in the cold of winter, as along with bit sets, tap & die sets and safety boots, there are thermal underwear, Thinsulate gloves and bodywarmers. For example, that 101 piece bit set costs just £9.99, while those gloves with a cosy lining and fold-back finger mitts will set you back a mere £4.99.

The whole range seems fairly versatile and with the addition of storage units (£19.99) and an adjustable workbench (£10.99) it will certainly appeal to a broad range of people with a broad range of projects. To test some of the Workshop range we were sent a selection of the clothing included in the line - clothing that need not just be worn in the workshop.

First up we sported a fine pair of Workwear Joggers (£9.99); an extremely comfortable pair of jogging-bottom trousers with a practical twist. Despite being soft and flexible, the pair also features a multitude of pockets, some of which are perfect for tools, and openings at the knees to insert kneeler padding. even if you're not currently working away in the garage on your latest project, these make damn fine house trousers and are as comfortable as any we've previously worn.

Next up is a beast of a jacket, the Sherpa Lined Padded Work Shirt (13.99). Although it's called a shirt it is more outer jacket than anything else, and the whole thing is as snug as hugging a warm Care Bear. Again the garment is well kitted out with functional pockets and definitely aimed at the outdoor-working chap. We were especially impressed at Aldi's price on this shirt as it genuinely feels like a far more expensive item, and thanks to the continued icy grip of winter, we can certainly attest to its warmth.

The aforementioned gloves make an appearance next, and just like Fuse Flat Mittens we recently featured in one of our Winter Warmers articles, these offer the choice to have your fingers out or tucked up neatly inside the fold-down flap. The wrists are elasticised so easy on, easy off, and the palms and finger sections are rubberised for extra grip. Again, they're great for keeping your mitts warm and the fingerless tips are perfect for delicate and intricate work.

The final item from the Aldi Workshop range that we received were the Safety Boots. At just £14.99 these are sure to turn a few heads as protective kit for your feet is normally far more expensive. For your buck you quite a bit of bang, as not only do the boots feature a hardened toe section up front, they're actually quite comfortable despite the no-nonsense looks.

So once again Aldi have gathered together a great range of useful and affordable items that people might actually need at this time of year. The Workshop kit goes a few steps further than the previously reviewed ski wear, as it features stuff that has practical, real-world application in a number of situations. We urge you to check it out.

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