11 January 2015

NEWS: 3D designed earphones for that perfect fit

No more jammin' them in.

One of the biggest tech innovations that caught our eye this week at CES is seemingly a solution to a problem that most of us face every day. If you struggle to find a decent pair of in-ear earphones that actually stay in your ears when you perform a movement greater than a wink, read on.

Headphone perfectionist Harmon has showcased their new 3D scanner which, after thoroughly scanning the shape of your inner ear, can 3D print a pair of perfect 'phones. Working in partnership with United Sciences, Harmon hopes to make more of their wearable technology custom-designed through the use of 3D scanners and printers. Meanwhile, United Sciences created the laser scanning device after working with the US Navy to create hearing protectors for the crew of their ships.

Having an ear bud that is shaped exactly to your ear not only makes sense in terms of fit and comfort, but the better the contact with the skin of the ear, the better the sound. We can't wait to give them a whirl ourselves.

Bit ugly looking though, eh?
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