6 November 2014

REVIEW: Photobox Soft Baby Photobook

Hey, baby!

The photo printing abilities of Photobox (www.photobox.co.uk) have been explored by us in the past, when we designed our own Bluetooth keyboard on their site. Now we're back to try something more conventional with a real-world useful application; the Soft Baby Photobook.

We've all seen the kinds of photobooks that sites like Photobox can produce - heck, even one our number had his wedding album printed there. But the trouble is that although the pages are smooth, glossy and well laid out, one tear to the photo of Aunt Gladys eating wedding cake and the whole book (which, let's be honest, can be pretty expensive) is ruined. So, if you have young children and babies knocking about you house, you might not want to get those kind of books out all that often.

What we parents need is a photobook that can withstand the rigours of family life; that can survive against the worst an inquisitive toddler can throw at it. We need one of Photobox's Soft Baby Photobooks. That is because instead of printing your photos on delicate glossy paper, each page is made from tough, board-backed, canvas, making it resistant to baby nibbles and sticky fingers. And yes, it's machine washable.

Measuring 21cm by 21cm (8.2 inches), the Soft Baby Photobook gives you the options for four, eight, twelve, or eighteen pages. We opted for the eight pager, and then were presented with Photobox's uploader page, the same sort of thing that we used when designing the Bluetooth keyboard. It was a simple case of uploading all the photos we wanted to appear in the book, then dragging the photo to the desired page. The Soft Baby Photobook allows you to place a single image on each page, along with a caption.

Once completed and your order has been placed, Photobox keeps you firmly up to date with what is happening with your book. From hitting 'finish' to the book arriving on the doorstep took about two days, which is a pretty incredible service. We were also pretty pleased with the book itself, and it was lovely to see the wee ones have a book with actual photos of their family, with which they could be as rough as they liked.

From £24.99

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