22 November 2014

REVIEW: Monster Powercard Mobile Charger

Staying in charge.

Keeping those vital gadgets juiced up is second only in importance to breathing these days. The trouble is that often we're not always within easy reach of a USB port to plug in our phones and tablets, let alone a wall socket. That's why we adore mobile USB chargers here at The Test Pit, as they make electricity as abundant and as easily accessible as air. And so we test the super slim Powercard from musical accessory maestros Monster.

With dimensions similar to just a couple of credit cards stacked on top of one another, the Monster Powercard is by far the smallest and lightest of any USB portable charger we've reviewed. And, if we're being totally honest here, it is the best looking. Those brushed metal sides make for quite a neat looking gadgets, with the two USB ports (standard and micro) sitting snugly on the top next to a rounded corner. That corner also houses three blinking LEDs which act as a charge indicator (when you're juicing up the Powercard), and also to let you know how much power is left (when you're juicing up your phone).

The Powercard's size is the real headline here, as it really will slide into your wallet. That is pretty amazing considering that all of us here have pockets in our bags set aside for a mobile charger. Included also is a USB cable which is no more than four inches long, allowing it to be safely stored in your wallet or pocket as well.

Monster informs us via their website that the Powercard can provide up to five hours of power from a single charge. We were keen to test that as mobile USB battery packs always seem to offer different results with different gadgets. We took a nearly-dead Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (with the standard Android exclamation mark showing in the battery indicator - everyone's nightmare) and connected it to the fully charged Powercard. Power was received instantly after tapping the only button on the Powercard and we were pleased to see that we could immediately make a call with the phone and browse the internet - something that might have expanded more power than was being provided by the charger.

After being hooked up to the Note 3 (which has a bigger than average battery for that bigger than average screen) for about an hour the Powercard gave up the ghost, finally depleted. We found that the phone now had a half-charged battery which, with normal usage, would last us about six hours before requiring more juice, so well played Monster.

The Powercard comes in five different colours (again, a plus over most other chargers) and for the size, build quality and performance, is pretty decent value as well. We're not leaving home without one ever again.


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