24 November 2014

REVIEW: Knomad Mini

In the Knomo.

Wires, chargers, flash drives, headphones, SD cards, credit cards, business cards, pen. That's just a selection of some of the very important crap we lug about with; all of which gets tangled up at the bottom of our bags rucksacks (and that's before we even get to our phones and tablets!). Tired of having to employ multiple confusing and fiddly pockets, we were desperate for something to sort us out and organise our 'everyday carry' stuff once and for all. And the Knomad Mini from Knomo did just that.

Designed to keep you organised - and stylish - while on the go, the Knomad Mini has been built to accommodate the iPad Mini and other tablets up to and including eight inches, as well as all sizes of smartphones. The tough cotton canvas structure folds out to reveal a multitude of pockets, slips, and elastic cable snugs, providing you with ample space to store all that life-essential stuff. As for the tablet pocket itself, that is backed with a stiffened microfibre layer to offer protection and peace-of-mind against screen scratches.

What makes the Knomad Mini great is that almost every kind of 'thing' has been catered for here, from a metre-long USB cable, coiled up and tucked under one of the elastic ties, to a notebook, a pen, and pockets that scream for flash drives to be slid into them. In fact, once you find a home for all the things you normally carry around, you'll still have a couple of pockets free in the Knomad - and boy you'll want to fill 'em.

The Knomad Mini comes in a choice of four colours (black, blue, olive and sand), all of which are subtle and stylish, making it easier to fit the Knomad fit in with your current garb and style. We were lucky enough to be sent the olive version, and with the orange interior, the brass press-stud closures, and Knomo insignia itself, we'd push for this colour any day.

In use the Knomad Mini really did make our days easier, and not just from a storage perspective. Being able to arrive somewhere and tidily slip the Knomad from our bags and lay it on a surface - all contents neatly ordered - felt pretty cool, and we know for a fact that it made an impact, making us seem quite professional.*

So if you're looking to organise that clutter while nabbing yourself a stylish accessory, get in the know and get yourself a Knomo Knomad Mini.


*Yes, our Editor's gran was really impressed. We got biscuits AND cake that afternoon.

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