17 September 2014

REVIEW: Snuggle Sac

Wrapping up.

With summer officially consigned to the past, and with the nights drawing longer and the temperatures dropping, we could all do with a bit more warmth at night. If you've got kids you'll know that no matter how many blankets you pile on top of them, come the morning (usually 3am) the covers will be on the floor and your child will be complaining they are cold. The answer? Get them a Snuggle Sac.

Designed to be fun, funky, and warm sleeping bags for wee ones, Snuggle Sacs are a great British invention which we have come to depend on during these past few chilly autumn nights.

Snuggle Sacs are as varied as children, with dozens of designs and colours to choose from. They also come in a few different sizes, targeted at different age ranges, and varying degrees of thickness and tog. Our stalwart Editor was sent one for his best and most experienced reviewer to test (his four year old daughter), after she selected the Dalmatian dog design (even though her dad nudged her in the direction of the Harry Potter branded Snuggle Sacs).

And what was the reviewer's impression of the sleeping bag? Well, if sound sleeps and happy mornings are anything to go by, very positive. She's has been joyfully sleeping in it every night since mid-August, and despite the night time temperature change over the last month, the Snuggle Sac is still her bed of choice.

Speaking of Harry Potter, if you remember in The Prisoner of Azkaban when all the Hogwarts students are camped out in the Great Hall, the sleeping bags the kids use were inspired by JK Rowling's daughter's own Snuggle Sac. In fact, when it came to filming the scene for the movie, Snuggle Sac were brought in to design the sleeping bag props, which led to the luxurious looking Potter-themed Sacs.

Perfect for sleepovers, holidays away, and even long car, train and plane journeys, as well as a fantastic way to snuggle up at night, we (and by that we mean our expert tester) wholeheartedly recommend you get a Snuggle Sac this winter.


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