7 August 2014

REVIEW: Lantronix xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition

Are you being served?

One of the world's greatest mysteries is how printers work. Seriously, we've never really been able to understand them, let alone work out how to easily connect our laptop to one. It's been a problem for us since the 1980s, and now that most of us work on mobile devices like Android phones and tablets, printing is an even bigger conundrum. That is until we discovered the xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition from Lantronix.

Essentially the xPrintServer is a little black box that connects to your WiFi router and allows you to easily print from an Android device and also from a Chromebook laptop via Google Cloud Print. This eliminates the need to get a third party app, email documents to yourself to print later from your PC and, most importantly, means you won't have to buy a new printer.

We found set up to be as easy as pie (which was a surprise, especially where printing technology is concerned) and after we connected the xPrintServer to the router it automatically discovered all the printers on the network, both wired and wireless. This meant it was a simple case of linking our Google Cloud Print account to the xPrintServer and printing immediately from the mobile device.

Having this facility was like a dream coming true, especially while using a WiFi printer. We could complete a document on our phones (because balancing a laptop on your knee while on the toilet can be tricky) then instantly send it to print; no faffing about with emails, PCs and wires.

Perfect for both home and office the Lantronix xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition is just the kind of gadget we love - something that solves a commonly growing problem and helps to make life that little bit easier.

Because no one likes dealing with printers.


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