5 August 2014

FEATURE: Summer Travels

Five summer holiday essentials

Be it a week on the Costa del Sol or a month spent up the side of Mount Everest, the summer is the perfect time to go exploring. Whatever you're doing for your holidays this year, one thing will always be universally true: you need stuff. And so we've found a few seemingly random items that we won't be leaving home without this month. We suggest you do the same.

Smashii Snow Camoo Rucksack

A heavy-duty backpack for all occasions, the Smashii will be of particular interest to backpackers who carry their entire life around on their shoulders. The bag features anti-slash Kevlar technology, making it hard as nails and almost impossible to break into. There are also two extendable locking wires which stretch around the bag to prevent it from being opened, as well as a zip guard that can be tightened and secured with a padlock. Ain't nobody getting it there.

Apart from impenetrable security the Smashii features a detachable day pack, so once you're at your destination you can decant your most precious items into the smaller backpack and take them with you without having to lug around the bigger bag. We sent one of our number on his hols with the Smashii Snow Camoo and he reported that not only was there great peace of mind in terms of his crap staying safe, but both the large bag and the smaller day pack were a joy to wear and extremely comfortable.

Perfect for trips to the beach, backpacking around Thailand, and also for business over-nighters, we really love the Smashii Snow Camoo and can imagine using it for years to come.


Thermos Stainless King Vacuum Flask

Perfect for keeping those iced teas cold this summer (and that all-important coffee warm this winter) the Thermos Stainless King is a man's flask. Weighing in with a capacity of 1.2 litres, this is the biggest vacuum flask Thermos have ever made, making it the go-to beverage conveyance while on those summer trips.

The standard Thermos conveniences are present, including the screw-off cup on top and the fold-down carry handle on the side. The vacuum technology works in such a way that hot things stay hot and cold things stay cold for up 24 hours. Plus, we think it is the only flask you can carry around and confidently feel like a dock worker.


Available from www.thermosonline.co.uk

Bruan Cool Tec Shaver

Keeping your face fuzz under control is pretty important, especially when the temperature is pushing into the red. Having a beard like Brian Blessed's is no good for keeping your chin cool, but having said that, shaving can cause some hot burning irritation.

Fortunately those shaving stalwarts Bruan have come up with an answer to the hot-face problem, and it's one that doesn't involve annoying creams and lotions. The Bruan Cool Tec Shaver (with Tec standing for Thermo-Electric-Cooling) is cleverly designed with an aluminium strip right by the blades which becomes cold during a shave and draws heat away from your face. Therefore your skin stays cool and irritation following a shave is kept to the absolute minimum.

And it does actually work. We found the sensation was quite subtle at first, as we were expecting the aluminium bar to be ice cold to the touch. In fact it just doesn't get hot, and no matter how long we shaved for the expected heat from the blades was kept at bay.

Included is a bulky charging station,  but also just a wire, so if you're hitting your trails it is perfect to take with you.


CAT Active Urban iPhone Case

If you're going anywhere this summer you'll no doubt be taking your phone with you. Therefore you need some protection my friend, because nobody wants to come home with a cracked screen or a dented frame - it's just embarrassing.

Concerned about all the bumps and knocks your iPhone might receive as you globetrot your way around the planet, we looked to find a rugged, hard as nails case to keep your precious cargo safe. We found it in the new range of CAT Phones Active Urban cases. These cases, which mirror the protection offered by the CAT B15 Rugged Smart Phone (which we reviewed - and loved - here), feature a tough, impact-cushioning body, combined with eye-pleasing colours (which is a bit of a first for good old industrial CAT).

Currently available for the iPhone 5S/C, these cases offer a great deal of peace of mind - even if you're just staying with your Gran for a week this month.


Visit www.catphones.com

Snugg Flip Case

And finally we have another way to keep your iPhone safe, while also keeping you entertained on those long train journeys and keeping your credit cards from being lost in the depths of a dirty clothes-filled rucksack; the Flip Case from Snugg.

This is an attractive leather case from the accessory experts Snugg, which thankfully folds back to provide your iPhone with a comfortable stand, allowing you to prop it up to watch videos (because it's always a pain in the arse to hold your phone steady while on a bumpy train). The flip part of the case also features two credit card slots which we found could each accommodate a couple of cards, as well as tickets and other essential bits and bobs. There's also a "hidden pocket" behind the card section into which a couple of cash notes can be stowed - emergency money always being handy on long trips.


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