19 May 2014

REVIEW: Proviz Cycling Gear

Now you see me...

All this chat of the Tour de France coming to these noble shores seems to have gotten everyone in a tizzy. And so, ever ready to buck the trend and strike out on our own... we went cycling. But, although bikes these days are pretty hi-tech, we still needed something gadgety to test while out burning rubber. And so we turned to Proviz and their range of high visibility clothing and bike lights to satisfy our lust.

Proviz is a great company that specialise in hi-vis clothing for cyclists, runners and walkers. The secret of their success is in the steer range of lights, reflective accessories, and clothing that they carry, giving the average 'want to be seen and not to die' Joe like us a massive choice. Here's what we played with:

Proviz Nightrider High Visibility Cycling Jacket 

The name of this jacket - Nightrider - isn't the only cool thing about it. While out cycling at night we found it was not just essential to be seen (and by Christ will you be seen in this!) but also to be warm and protected. The Nightrider provides all three needs with aplomb.

Unlike other hi-vis jackets we've tested in the past, the Proviz Nightrider is actually suitable for use as a jacket, providing lots of insulation and comfort. The bright luminous green that we tested was incredible at making us stand out at all times of the day, even in bright sunshine.

There are reflective panels on every angel of the jacket, meaning you'll be seen by traffic and pedestrians all the way around. There is also a reflective triangle on the back which is attached with Velcro, which when removed... actually we'll save that for the next item.


Proviz Triviz Light Pack

Clothing that lights up would, of course, solve a lot of visibility problems for cyclists. But until the day when we're all living inside a Tron movie, we have to make do with the Triviz from Proviz, an award-winning illumination solution.

Like we said, once you remove the Velcro reflector from the back of the Nightrider jacket you can stick one of these there - and boy does it do a million times better than merely reflecting light! The Triviz is a small battery-powered triangle that glows, flashes or strobes from a thin-as-paper membrane.

Those awards were certainly well given, as the Triviz is probably the best thing we've so far seen for making cyclists visible on the road in darkness. Because it is up on your back (it can also fit some Proviz backpacks, which makes sense) the light shines at eye-level and is therefore more effective that standard bikes lights which tend to be lower.

The glowing triangle is powered by a small battery in the zip-close pouch which hangs just below. This is recharged via USB and, depending on use, has a great life. We've been testing it most nights for a week now without the need to recharge.

Clever design and perfect application, the Proviz Triviz is right up our street.


Proviz Supernova Bike Lights

Available in both red (rear) and white (front) versions, the Supernova Bike Lights are absolutely must-have. The unit itself is completely waterproof and wrapped in soft rubberised silicone that stretches onto any tube or part of your bike. Fitting the Supernova (and, later, removing it) is as easy as pie. Points there - especially if you're parking your bike in a dodgy area.

Each of the Supernova lights (and we recommend getting both a white one and red one) feature four bright LEDs which cycle through a sequence of flashing, blinking and constant, at the push of an easy to reach button. Add to all that batteries that last an age and are easy to change and you're onto a winner.

£13.59 each

Proviz Sirius Bike Lights

If cash-flow is tight, or if you're looking for a set of lights to add further attention to yourself, we recommend the Sirius. Unlike the Supernova lights these come as a pair at a very respectable price. Each of the Sirius is wrapped in silicone and attaches by stretching it around your handle bars, seat, frame or wherever, then locking into place via the included plastic clip.

Each feature a single bright LED and just like their bigger brothers are completely water tight and simple to open to change the batteries. We found that, after using the Supernova lights as our main bike lights, the Sirius were best suited to places it is usually hard to as lights to. And so we popped one onto the back of our bike helmets, and the other on the front wheel fork. Get creative where you put them - it all helps to make you safe.

£10.39 a pair.

We really love Proviz and were chuffed as cheese to be sent all this awesome kit. Check out their website for other products and brands. After all, we're here right now writing this review after dicing with death on the mean night-time streets - so they must work.

Visit www.provizsports.com

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