19 May 2014

REVIEW: Aquapac Keymaster

Dry master

We might always be harping on about ways to keep your precious tech safe and dry, but what about your other belongings? Sure, it's great to know your new Smartphone is dry while skimming the oceans in your 30 foot yacht, but what about your cash? Get those cards and notes soggy and you'll have a tricky time doing anything but being a flash git on a boat. Fortunately Aquapac have the answer in the form of the Keymaster.

We've previously reviewed a larger product of Aquapac's, the impressive waterproof Messenger Bag. The much smaller Keymaster however is designed instead to deal with those tiny little life essentials, those smaller even than our phones. The Keymaster is essentially a small TPU pouch with a tough-looking plastic lock at the open end. Twist the knobs to open, slide in your stuff (cards, cash, keys, jewellery etc.) then snap together the lock and re-twist the knobs - sorted.

It is extremely simple technology that allows the Keymaster to be so effective, unlike say, the various seals and locking mechanisms of the Lifeproof range of waterproof phone cases. It is basically a bag that seals up. Fortunately that bag is tough-as-nails TPU that won't tear, and the seal is watertight up to a depth of five metres (15 feet).

Aside from the aforementioned yachting (which we all do, right?) the Aquapac Keymaster is handy for any situation where you might be getting a tad damp. Camping immediately springs to mind, but as summer rolls on how about water fights and dips in the paddling pool? And, thanks to the included hi-vis lanyard, the Aquapac Keymaster can be easily pop on around your next or affixed to bags and clothing.


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