2 May 2014

REVIEW: Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike

Quick off the draw.

You're back in dangerous territory, dear reader; for the reckless fools at The Test Pit have once again been (unwisely) kitted out with the latest in high-velocity dart shooting side arms. The cat has no chance. Ever grateful to Nerf, we lock and load one of their newest blasters from the Zombie Strike range, the Sidestrike.

Bigger than the Jolt, but certainly a lot more compact than the Mega Magnus, the Sidestrike is just that; a side pistol designed to be your first choice back-up blaster. In fact Nerf are so sure that you will want this with you at all times as you charge into foam-dart hell, that they have even provided you with a holster. Cheers Nerf.

In the hand the Sidestrike feels great. It is solid, clearly robust, and even fits into full-grown man hands comfortably. It is a single-shot blaster, meaning you will have to reload after every dart you fire. The spring is cranked back by a top-side slider with just a couple of inches of pull, and the darts are loaded into the front of the short barrel; so short in fact that the loaded dart protrudes about half of an inch when inserted. Take aim down the very good sights... and fire!

And prepare to be impressed. We certainly were, as the range and accuracy of the Nerf Sidestrike is something to behold. In distance tests along The Test Pit's firing range (the drive) we managed to average about 60 feet. For a pistol that is very good, especially for one that is being marketed as a back-up blaster.

Accuracy was also quite good, with most of the darts fired following the line of the sights for at least half of the range they travelled. Again, very impressive considering the Nerf Sidestrike does not have a guiding barrel.

Also impressive is the fact that you get six of the green Elite darts with the Sidestrike, which once more is pretty good for a Nerf pistol. All six darts can be neatly sowed away and taken with you into battle thanks to the included holster which features room for four darts, with the other two being inserted into the Sidestrike's storage bays on the front of the blaster. Because of this, reloading the pistol is made extremely simple - just what you want.

So it really is top marks all round for the Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike, and we would go so far as to say that this plucky little blaster is one of our favourite Nerf guns so far. Seriously, it is more than just a back-up, being small and light and yet packing enough punch to keep you enemies worried. All that, and at a great price.


Available from www.argos.co.uk

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