30 April 2014

REVIEW: Edifier Luna Eclipse Speakers

Eclipses all others.

Always keen to test the very latest in bluetooth speakers, we were a little surprised to find... a pair! Yes, that's right, the latest offering from Edifier are an actual pair of speakers and not a single unit like all other Bluetooth-fed sound-givers seem to be these days. Impressed and intrigued, we cranked up the volume.

We've previously reviewed some desktop speakers from Edifier here, and we were pretty impressed last time, if somewhat underwhelmed. That feeling certainly didn't return as soon as we powered up the Luna Eclipse as the beefy pair pack quite a sonic punch along with some quite frankly erotic good looks.

We felt quite 'old skool' having to plug in the speakers to the wall socket, as opposed to charging from a USB port. But the Luna Eclipse speakers are such that they need that extra juice to power the total of 74W output. When it came to pairing them with a bluetooth device (in our case, our desktop computer) it was as simple as turning them on and finding them in the computer's bluetooth control. Connection was quick and easy and in less than a minute we had beautifully clear sounds. Included is a remote as well, in case you were wanting to position on a shelf or behind your TV.

Crisp and clear is definitely the order of the day, and to be starkly honest, the Edifier Luna Eclipse speakers are the best sounding speakers we've ever tested. It must be because they are a pair, as sound will always be more immersive when coming from slightly different directions. Placing the them either side of the monitor produced rich and deep musical sounds that were a joy to listen to. Both highs and lows sounded great, although we did detect a slight distortion on the bass at very high volume levels. But high volume is something we never needed to worry about, as at mid-level sound everything was loud and clear enough to fill a room.

Obviously due to their size and weight, you aren't going to be taking these boys anywhere else but your office desk or living room entertainment system, and we think that is a good thing. Nothing seems to have been trimmed or cut in order to make these portable or light-weight, instead what you get are very good desktop speakers with the added modern benefit of being bluetooth enabled.


Available from www.play.com

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