28 May 2014

REVIEW: Diono Cambria Booster Seat

A real boost

If you're like us you'll be starting your kids off early into the world of technology by getting them a tonne of 'stuff'. But did you know that some of that technological stuff can actually save their lives? With that in mind we start the first our new series of parenting gadget reviews, heading out for a drive with the Diono Cambria Bootser Seat.

The Cambria is Diono's signature booster seat that offers not only great support and protection for children aged from four to 12, but also keeps them comfortable and happy during those long car journeys. Everything about the Cambria Booster Seat has been designed to keep your child in the best possible sitting position to keep them safe in the event of a crash.

Fitting the Cambria couldn't be easier. Unlike car seats for younger children, all you have to do is pop it directly on the back seat of the car. A special Y-strap tucks under and over the back rest of the car seat to secures the Cambria in place - giving great peace of mind to those in the front when the Cambria is unoccupied and likely to slide about.

The sides of the Cambria, which seem to be much larger and deeper than other child seats we've seen, are lined with EPS foam that adds masses of protection against a side impact. The head rest, complete with side pads, is adjustable meaning that as your child grows, so can the Cambria.

But it's not all just for protection. The Cambria Booster Seat from Diono features two slide out cup and snack holders which are actually placed for your child to reach them no matter how old they are. So no more leaning in to the back because Junior can't reach his juice cup. Also The booster seat packs up flat and won't take up too much in your boot when not in use.

We really love the Cambria and it certainly adds a great deal of peace of mind to car journeys with the kids. Although hopefully we'll never have to test its effectiveness in an accident, we certainly can attest to the seat's comfort and ease of use.


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