28 May 2014

NEWS: Sabertron exceeds funding goals

 Sword play.

As we reported here a few months ago, a new way of hitting our friends over the head will soon be available to us, thanks to the team at Sabertron. Saberton, foam swords with electronic scoring, is just about the the most exciting advancement in technology we've heard about since fire, so we were pleased as punch to hear that their Kickstarter campaign was well on its way to reaching 200% of their original target.

Sabertron swords are pretty unique, and will hopefully totally transform (and bring to a larger audience) Live Action Role Play games and battles. The foam swords record hits you make on your opponent electronically, knowing the difference between a hit on a person and a hit on another Sabertron sword.

At the time of this story the Kickstarter campaign still had 17 days to run, so we heartily recommend you get in there quick to sucure you own sword and be a part of what will definitely be a very successful company.

For the Kickstarter, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/levelup/sabertron-foam-swords-with-electronic-scoring

For the Sabertron site, visit www.sabertron.com
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