20 March 2014

REVIEW: Be-Ez LE Littoral iPad Folio

Getting literal

An iPad is essentially a very expensive slab of glass, and the thing about glass is that it's quite fragile. And so, if you own and use an iPad you'd be mad not to wrap it in some projection while out and about. But with so many styles and forms of cases and covers out there, what do you choose? We recommend something with a touch of je ne sais quoi?

The LE Littoral iPad Folio from Be-Ez features some cool French design, nice protective features and a classic look to make your tablet stand out from the crowd. We flipped open the case, slotted in our much-abused iPad, and ventured out into the cruel, harsh world.

Be-Ez (and when we write that, we're not entirely sure we've got it right - check out their site) do some great bags, cases and folios for all manner of technology. Be-Ez assure us on the LE Littoral Folio page that the choice of style and colour of the case is "a small tribute to the traditional blouse worn by seamen in Normandy, France." For that, we'll have to take their word, but it does leave us with an extremely pleasing rust-coloured case.

The folio flips open to reveal a soft and cushioning inner-face that offers great peace of mind when it comes to scratches and scuffs on the iPad's screen. The pad itself is secured to the case by way of a sturdy plastic inner skeleton that has a nice and gentle feel to it - nothing too harsh an abrasive here. The flip panel can then be folded back to give full access to the iPad, or tucked underneath to act like a handy stand, with several notches to vary angle. When closed the flap is held in place by way of an elasticised band.

There is a hole in the case at the back for the iPad's camera - a nice touch and something a lot of other folio cases forget to include. The whole case is slightly padded as well which, although adding only slightly to the overall protection offered to the iPad, makes it a really comfortable way to hold the tablet.

At the end of the day this is an excellent way to keep you iPad both safe and comfortable in your hands - while revelling in the all the style-jealous looks you'll get.


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