18 February 2014

REVIEW: Personalised iPad Bluetooth Keyboard from Photobox

Easy key-sey

For some people, touch keyboards on tablets and smartphones are just a pain in the bum. Sure, if you're sending a simple tweet or replying to an email from your mum with "Yeah, okay", they're fine. But what about if you need to type something longer and bit more precise - that is when a Bluetooth keyboard can come in handy.

But which one? With so many choices of Bluetooth keyboards out there for the iPad, choosing one can be just as annoying as all those emails from your mum. So how about getting one that you can truly personalise and make your own? That's just what we did thanks to photobox.co.uk

The photo printing website offers a great service whereby the keyboard-needy (such as ourselves) can upload an image of their choice and then have that image emblazoned across the back of a bespoke Bluetooth keyboard.

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The whole process couldn't be simpler, and we managed to upload our image (the distinctive Test Pit black and yellow stripes that stand for: Warning - spelling errors are probable) and set it on the keyboard case in just a couple of minutes. After processing payment and address details we were thanks by the Photobox robots and ensured our keyboard was on the way. Incredibly it took less than two days to arrive using standard postage. We were pleased.

As you can see from the images the photo reproduction is very good and clear - our uploaded image was a few megabytes and about 2000 pixels big. What we weren't prepared for was that the surface onto which the image is printed was metal! This makes the keyboard extremely sturdy and also acts like a protective covering for the iPad itself, not just a handy qwerty.

Charging is achieved by the included USB cable and connection to the iPad was quick and simple. The iPad prompts you to enter a number sequence into the keyboard, then press return. Job sorted. As for actually using the keyboard, we were impressed with the spacing of the keys and the solid feel or each individual button.

Although the keyboard is very much designed for the iPad, complete with magnetic attachment along one side and recessed area to fit the iPad into, the keyboard can be used with any Bluetooth device. We found a lot of satisfaction in connecting our phones to it and using the built-in kick stand to prop up our tech.

So, a great service that yielded a great product - made all the better with the additional of our logo colours printed on the back. Next we might go for a branded car. Or helicopter!


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