26 February 2014

REVIEW: HMDX Jam Splash Bluetooth Speaker

Make a splash.

We all love a good tune, and thanks to today's mobile musical technology, we can have music wherever we go. Except the shower. That is one thing that has always bothered us, as we wash and prepare for another busy day of playing with toys – why does the music have to stop in the bathroom?

That annoyance is now a thing of the past, and its all thanks to the Jam Splash Bluetooth Speaker from HMDX. This nifty little boombox is fully waterproof and modelled to make it extremely easy to fit into your morning bathroom routine. We pumped up the volume and got testing.

The Jam Splash, which is a part of HDMX's Jam range of Bluetooth music makers, is a solid wee thing. Rounded and padded, it reminded us of a speaker that had been wrapped in protective rubber, as if ready to be hoisted up the side of a mountain – you know, for that high altitude rave your mates are going to. But although it is an obviously well built piece of tech, we were surprised at how light it was to handle.

Of course the waterproof casing is the big seller here, and as we approach the summer months the application of the speaker extends beyond the aforementioned bathroom. Even before we stuck it to the shower wall, we tested the Jam Splash in the park. As a stand-alone all-purpose bluetooth speaker it is great, with connection to any bluetooth-enabed device a breeze. The output of the 3-watt speaker itself wasn't too impressive when contending with the background noise of the local recreation ground (damn those loud squirrels) but on quieter occasions, and when the speaker is close you and your friends' ears, it is pretty clear and accurate.

The bathroom is really where the Jam Splash excels however. By attaching it either via the included hang-hook or the suctions cups, the speaker looks pretty neat in any wash-room d├ęcor. Here, in more intimate surroundings, the speakers pump out a perfect level of volume and clarity and no amount of scrubbing and brushing could drown out the dulcet tones of Miley Cyrus (and believe us, we tried!).

The Jam Splash also features a hands-free calling option, which again in the bathroom was a lifesaver – no more dashing out of the shower, dripping wet and freezing cold, to answer that phone call. Just hit the central control button and start chatting. It was an odd experience having a telephone conversation in the shower, but thanks to the fairly sensitive microphone the calls were smooth and clear for both parties.

So the HMDX Jam Splash Bluetooth Speaker is exactly what we like here at The Test Pit: a well-built bit of tech with actual real-world usefulness. Spot on, guys.


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