30 January 2014

NEWS: Sabertron on Kickstarter

The force is (hopefully) with this one.

We were very much excited to hear about Sabertron, an under-development sword fighting system. Apart from being possibly the closest thing to having actual lightsaber duels, Sabertron will hopefully make LARPing battles more interesting.

From their website:

Swordplay is interactive, fun and safe with our soft touch swords. Sabertron can tell the difference between a sword and a player. This enables it to keep score automatically. It's like laser tag, but with swords!

Interactive light bands on the sword will display your current health in real time. Each successful strike will dwindle the life of your opponent. Sensors in the sword will enable sound and LED effects during combat. 

We think this looks great and exactly what we dreamed about playing with as wee sprogs. We wish them all the best.

Pledge on Kickstarter here, or visit www.sabertron.com

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