31 January 2014

NEWS: Google Glass to offer prescription lenses

 Speccy four-eyes.

With the all the hype surrounding Google Glass for what seems like years now (seriously, just release the damn thing) we were a little curious as to how our bespectacled friends would wear the headset device. Its all very well sticking a heads-up-display in front of one of your eyes, but if that eye can only focus on a squirrel several miles away you're a little bit screwed.

So it is with some relief that we hear the news that Google will indeed also release the Glass as a pair of specs, with the user being able to fit their correct prescription lenses into the frames. We were also pretty impressed by the look of the frames themselves, coming in four different flavours called curve, split, thin and bold. As you can see, not bad.

Keep up to date with the latest from the Glass project, which is due for wide-spread release sometime this year, at www.google.co.uk/glass/start
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