13 August 2013

REVIEW: Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones

Ain't no jibber Jabra.

We're writing this review on a laptop running off a battery while connected via wifi to the internet. We receive a call on our mobile phone and answer it using a bluetooth headset. Earlier we were taking our remote control helicopter for a spin after watching a few shows on the smart TV. We live in a world without wires.

Ain't nobody got time for wires. Although we must apologise for the use of bad grammar, we feel it aptly demonstrates our hatred of those binding cables; those wearisome wires. We loathe them most of all when there is need to get out and about, to consume our beloved media tipples while on the move. Thankfully there is Jabra who, it seems, hates wires just as much as we do.

The latest offering from the company known for their masterful wielding of the sacred "Blue Tooth" are the Revo Wireless Headphones, a fine looking pair of on-ear 'phones with one or two interesting additions.

Although not featured on this glorious website, we have in the past had some limited experience of Jabra's wireless prowess in the form of the Clipper, a gadget that turns any pair of headphones or speaker bluetooth compatible. The Revo seem to be the next logical step on from that, combining Jabra's great eye for design with all-in-one functionality. So we slipped them on.

The looks are certainly slick and smooth with pleasantly solid feeling cans and head-strap. Despite the tough build the headphones are pretty light and, once draped over your bonce, are extremely comfortable. There is an included USB cable for charging, a process which seemed to take no more than an hour or so; impressive, given the advertised 12 hour constant playback life.

Pairing with a plethora of devices was super fast and simple thanks to Bluetooth 3.0 and we found we were able to stream music to the 'phones just seconds after switching them on. Auto Pairing is also available, something we are sure to enjoy the next time we use the headphones. A feature that makes the Revo even more ideal for on-the-go lifestyles are the can-mounted controls on the right ear with a so-called Turntable Touch Control. All the usual suspects are present, including play/pause, skip track and volume adjust, as well functionality for controlling calls should the Revo be paired with a mobile. More on that later.

Another interesting feature of the Jabra Revo is the combined use with the Jabra Sound app, a joint production between the headphone maker and Dolby Digital Plus. Essentially the app is an alternative music player with advanced controls to tailor your musical experience to make the most out of the Revo.

And most it certainly makes. Simply put, the sound quality from the Revo is the finest we've ever heard from any bluetooth headphones, better even than a few expensive wired sets. Crisp, smooth and immersive, all the genres of music we tested came out sounding brilliant. Even with the old 'crank up the volume' test the quality remained impressive, maintaining clear vocals and rich bass.

Calls are also handled well, with pick-up on the built-in mic resulting in a comfortable and effortless chat for both participants. This is no surprise as the Revo is equipped with a duel mic with Noise Blackout technology, therefore all extraneous sounds are given the old heave-ho.

All in all, the Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones are tremendously impressive and, if you can stretch to the price, are the ideal set of bluetooth headphones.

Oh, and they fold as well. That's important to us.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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