10 August 2013

FEATURE: The Manper Session

The manly pamper.

Ladies, believe it or not but we men don't want to spend all our time fiddling with gadgets, plugging in tech or playing with toys. No, sometimes we need a little "me" time to recharge our batteries (the ones in our bodies, not our smartphones), wash the muck off our faces and generally preen and pamper.

But - and that is a very significant but - we men aren't going to book ourselves into a spa or pop down the beauty salon like you girls might. Oh no, we'll get manpered at home thanks to all the wonderful male cosmetic gadgets out there. Here are a few we really like.

Micro Pedi Man

What with the summer still clinging on for dear life, us chaps have probably contemplated heading out into the world with only a pair of sandals on our feet. But as comfortable and cooling the sandals might be, it can be pretty embarrassing if you suffer from cracked heels, callouses and hard skin. Basically no-one wants to show off their elephant feet.

Fortunately Micro Pedi Man is here to save the day! But before you start the scan the skies for a caped superhero, Micro Pedi Man is actually a pocket-sized gadget designed to gently remove the rough flaky skin from your manly plates of meat. According to a survey (albeit one whose data was given to us from the people at Micro Pedi) men are twice as likely to develop rough skin on our feet, so thank the Gods of Olympus that there is finally a gadget to sort it out.

In practice we found that the Micro Pedi Man was a joy to use and that (and we really don't care who knows this) we loved to use it on our tired brittle feet. It tickled too.

A great one to have with you on the road or while out climbing mountains, the Micro Pedi Man is a diamond in the rough (skin).


Visit www.micropedi.co.uk

Methven Kaha Satinjet shower handset

All that exploring, fighting and generally being awesome that the male gender does is bound to leave us a tad mucky. Of course baths are definitely not an option for blokes looking to get clean due to their close association with aromatherapy and everything sold in Lush. No, us guys have to blast off the accumulated scum in the shower, preferably with a nice big chunky shower head with adjustable nozzles. Methven make a pretty good one.

With a nice big round head and smooth chrome-like body, there isn't a man alive who would be ashamed to lather himself up under this. Further more, the Kaha Satinjet features a button (just like all proper gadgets should) to alter the flow of water. If you need a high pressured blast in a certain inaccessible area, simply thumb the button and the nozzles flip from wide to concentrated spray. Grrr!

What makes this shower handset even more interesting is that is uses only nine litres of water each minute as opposed to the average 20 litres a conventional shower head would squirt out. Not only does this save water but it should also help to keep your fuel bills down. And therefore help save the environment. Which is an extremely manly thing to do.

Oh, and Kaha is Maori for strength. Grrr!


Visit www.methven.com/uk

There's that switch. Pretty sexy.


Although our gallant sex has mastered the oceans, conquered the land and set those first tentative yet significant steps out into space, there is one thing that the ladies will always have over us: hair loss.

Most of us will suffer from this at some point in our lives, with many brave dear lads losing the whole lot. But as we spare a thought for our bald brethren, glancing their way and being dazzled by the sun reflecting off their shiny domes, we see that there is hope on the horizon.

The iGrow isn't a pot of compost you plant your iPhone into. Rather it is an ingenious wearable device that promises to reinvigorate hair growth on the heads of chaps who have suffered loses. It does this by way of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) which, in a nutshell (pun intended), means lots of little red LEDs shining on your scalp.

Apparently the light is supposed to get the hairs sprouting again within 16 weeks. We didn't have the iGrow long enough to test if it actually worked, but one thing is sure, the built-in headphones which connect to your music player is a massive plus.

It would be interesting to see a host of blokey blokes, who after grinding off their hard foot skin with the Micro Pedi Man and getting all clean beneath the Methven Kaha Satinjet, then went onto popping an iGrow on their heads while sitting around discussing football.

It could happen.


Visit www.igrowlaser.co.uk

Just another normal day for Dave.

So hopefully those three varied pieces of manpering gadgets have inspired you to take tech into the bathroom with you in future. Or just to have a shower because come on man, you stink.
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