1 July 2013

REVIEW: Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Super Bass Speaker

Storm in a tea cup.

They say that good things come in small packages. Whoever 'they' are obviously mean things like jewellery, atoms and babies (which we've yet to review). But here at The Test Pit we've never paid much heed to what 'they' say because 'they' usually like watching The X Factor and know who Kim Kardashian is. That is until now. Because 'they' have got it spot on this time as a very good thing does indeed come a small package: the Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Super Bass Speaker.

Before you all chirp up with "Not another bluetooth speaker?" we will remind you that these things are both popular and undeniably functional. We've reviewed the good and the not so good in the past, all of which possessed a similar style and feel. So we weren't expecting much when we first heard of the e-Storm LabyrinthX speaker, but thankfully, we were in for a treat.

First things first, you can connect this round little beauty to your phone via bluetooth and listen to music on the go (thanks to the built-in battery). There, that needed saying. From then on however the similarities with other bluetooth speakers end and you realise you actually have in your possession an extremely well designed piece of tech.

The looks, for one, are striking while not being fanciful. The speaker is solidly built and reassuring weighted with high quality materials that feel as if they would last into the next decade. This may all be due to the Bitmore e-Storm being waterproof, a point that alone would make it stand out from the crowd. Imagine your picnic now; no pawing at the grass to make sure you don't place your bluetooth speaker on a damp patch. Take that nature!

The quality of sound this wee thing kicks out is astounding. We were genuinely impressed, particularly with the richness of the bass, at how this speaker handled a multitude of music genres and file types. Despite being able to sit comfortably in the palm of a midget's hand, the e-Storm can create what we consider 'room-filling' audio, handling a mixture of treble and bass with aplomb without losing vocal emphasis.

Speaking of speaking, the e-storm is also a pretty nifty speakerphone thanks to the built-in microphone. Just as with the music, the quality of call is high, with both parties able to hear each other as if in the same room. Which they weren't (unless the person we called, along with all of Cardiff, have relocated to our airing cupboard).

Probably our favourite unique feature of the e-Storm is the addition of a microSD slot that can support cards of up to 8GB. The reason for this is very simple but brilliantly conceived, chiefly that should your phone be about to run flat of juice all you need do is pull out the SD card, on which are saved all your tunes, and slip it in the e-Storm to continue to enjoy. A great innovation considering that smartphone batteries still leave a lot to be desired in terms of longevity. The picnic has been saved.

When the time comes to charge the speaker you'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly that lithium battery attains a full recharge via the included USB cable: just over two hours of being plugged in provided nearly eight hours of continuous Bluetooth streaming.

So, this good-looking speaker wins top marks for sound and voice quality and also for being relatively cheap. We adore the SD slot and the water resistance of the e-Storm LabyrinthX and very solidly recommend this plucky little thing to be your summer companion.


Visit www.bitmore.co.uk 

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