21 April 2013

REVIEW: Pabobo Super Nomade USB Night Light

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Okay, chill out gadget freaks, because this review is for something that you won't necessarily be able to whip out in the pub to impress your mates. Your kids on the other hand...

You see, we at The Test Pit have something of a confession to make: we're family guys. Yes we know we act like Jack the Lad with our cheeky altitudes toward consumer technology, but the truth is that at the end of the day we return to the loving embrace of our families. And now we can see them a lot better. That's because we bought the Pabobo Super Nomade Night Light.

Those with children (or those with childish tendencies) will know that the dark is a pretty scary thing. For a start there's the Bogeyman; and what a God awful chap he is. Then there are monsters in general; and no matter how Pixar are trying to delude us with the likes of Monster Inc, we all know that they want to eat us and sell our bones for toffees. It is a belief maintained by most sensible children, which is why suitable nocturnal defences are necessary - namely a good night light.

The Pabobo Super Nomade Night Light is the one for us, chiefly because it appeals to our technophila by being charged via USB. Nice and handy, with pleasing curves and a happy wee face, the Super Nomade is ideal for children.

In the box is the night light itself, a USB wire and documentation. The wire, we found, was a bit too short but the Nomade itself was quickly adopted, named and claimed by the children. A short stretch of charging time followed in which the night light stared at us creepily, awaiting it's chance to 'shine'.

Here's the headline: there is no on/off button. Instead the Super Nomade itself decides when to glow. Fortunately this decision is ruled by logic (and not arrogance as with most other robots with grinning fa├žades). If darkness is detected it will glow - if not, it won't.

So after charging it up and getting the kids more and more excited - nothing happened. It was late morning and the sun shone brightly. That will teach us to read the instructions first. Once we discovered this crucial truth we were in business, closing the curtains and playing around with the light under our clothing to bring him to life.

The glow itself is bright but not painfully so. The major plus is that the Super Nomade never gets hot, even after shinning continuously for hours. This is great if your children are, understandably, wanting to take the light to bed - to cuddle up with and generally use to frighten away monsters.

According to the box, one charge with provide 200 hours of monster-free slumber. We've yet to get that far with it, but it seems that due to the low energy input and output the box isn't exaggerating. But remember: boxes, like monsters, are fickle things.

In the little hands of children this is a perfect night-time buddy. It fits perfectly in tiny palms and is bright enough to serve as a portable torch should a midnight trip to the potty be called for.

Safe, reliable and - more importantly - fun, the Pabobo Super Nomade USB Night Light is a must for any parent who remembers themselves just what lurks under the bed.


Available from www.mamasandpapas.com

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