24 April 2013

REVIEW: Colgate Omron ProClinical A1500 Toothbrush

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To be a true gadget obsessive one must fully embrace technology into all aspects of one's life. Being at the cutting edge isn't just about flashing your tablet on the train or letting the old ladies you pass by in the morning know just how big your headphones are. No, you need top of the range tech while stripped to your pants first thing in the morning.

{Please note: this not a sex toy review. Well...}

We've always been big on oral hygiene and our morning routine of brushing and flossing is adhered to rigorously each day. Its just such a shame that the time is spent away from our precious gadgets as, and we urge you to remember this, tech and water tend not to be friends. Unless its a submarine, then its okay. But now our bathroom time has been technologically enhanced by the Colgate Omron ProClinical A1500 Electric Toothbrush. Yay!

And so, with our teeth freshly smeared with pork pie and Dr Pepper, we tore at the ProClinical A1500 to free it from its red and shiny cardboard prison. And we were... disappointed.

Full disclosure: this toothbrush retails for around £85. On hearing that (and after picking our jaws up from the bathroom floor) we were expecting a little more bang for our buck in the box. What you get is the brush itself, just one bristly head, a charging station and a plastic carry case. Don't get us wrong, the brush itself is very nice, complete with LCD display and pleasing-in-the-hand curves – but only one head and a carry case that the nerdiest of nerdy school kids would be ashamed to stick their NHS glasses in? We were hoping for more.

But accessories aside, we set to the cleaning of our gnashers. However, the charging station comes supplied with a European two-pin plug. This is fine if you have a bathroom socket for shavers and the like. But we don't. So after a trip to Homebase to buy an adapter to plug it into a standard UK socket, we grinned our cheesiest grin and started the clean.

Then we learned we had to charge the brush for a recommended initial period of 16 hours. By now we were really late for work.

Fortunately we didn't have to prolong our teeth cleaning session until the next day as thankfully the ProClinical A1500 comes supplied with a light charge to get you through your first brush. Phew. The brush uses sonic waves to stimulate the bristles, which in turn give a far superior clean than ordinary hand brushing. In fact the Colgate ProClinical A1500 is fairly outstanding in his field producing a whooping 32,500 stokes per minute. That's far more than our weak sleepy hands can provide first thing in the morning – even after the fourth coffee.

What makes the ProClinical A1500 even more special is the brushes ability to know where it is in your mouth and adjust the intensity of the vibrations accordingly. The on-board sensors know what teeth it is currently cleaning by the angle in which it is being held, giving a superb clean tailored to all the different kind of teeth in your gob. It was a little unnerving at first, having the brush decide how best to polish our teeth, but we soon came to enjoy the sensation and trust in the Colgate computer programmers.

The brush also has a couple of other nifty features, such as a timer to ensure you brush for a least two minutes during any given session, and a 30-second pacer which helps to make sure you move the brush around all the areas in your mouth.

We've been using the brush for about a month now (don't worry, we bought separate heads) and can honestly say it has drastically improved our oral cleanliness. Although it was a bit harsh at first, even making our gums feel quite sore after the initial brushes, we soon adapted and actively started to look forward to brushing our teeth.

Yes its pricey, but consider this: £85 one off payment for a toothbrush now, or potentially thousands of pounds in dental treatments throughout your life? We bet those private dentists hate Colgate.

Around £85

Available from www.boots.com
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