12 March 2013

REVIEW: Star Wars Lego Lighting

Luke, I am your desk lamp.

Star Wars? Yes please. Lego? Yes please. Lights? Mmm, okay. We know, an odd combination, but a combination we enjoyed in the Star Wars Lego range of lights. A couple of different models jumped out of hyperspace and headed right for us, using the Force (or rather LED lights) to light the way.

Just so we're clear, we effing love Star Wars. Despite the franchise's failings in recent years, with the likes of Jar Jar Bunks blighting our childhood memories, we've always enjoyed delving into the world set a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.
 However, the only thing that makes Star Wars even cooler is Lego. There are dozens of Star Wars Lego sets out there, recreating all the iconic vehicles and characters, but Lego it seems is now more than just about little blocks of interlocking plastic. There are video games, animations, clothing and now... lights.

We drew our lightsabers and duelled with the Darth Vader Desk Lamp and the Yoda LED Keylight.
We totally adore this pint-sized Vader. As you can see from our photos, the lamp takes the form of a fully articulate Lego mini figure, but ten times bigger! Holding the wee Sith Lord (who comes complete with removable helmet revealing scarred grey face) felt like being four years old once more, holding our first ever piece of Lego. But once you get over the strange bloated size, you'll love the solid black plastic moulding, additional black cape and red lightsaber bejewelled with 12 very bright LEDs.

Our hands have shrunk!!!
To power our darling Darth all one needs is an available USB port, making him the perfect partner to a desktop or laptop computer. However, should you fancy placing him elsewhere, the included USB cable works just as well plugged into a wall socket with a phone/tablet charger which you're bound have around the home. But, if you very taking him on an adventure around the house, searching for members of the Rebel Alliance, he also runs happily on three AA batteries. Vader does not, unfortunately, run purely on the power of the Force.

Included in the box is also a sturdy base on which Vader can stand, although we found this necessary only when we had contorted him into a strange stance to better angle the glowing lightsaber for us to see by - otherwise the lamp stands perfectly on those little black Lego legs.

This is a great addition for any child or fanboy's desk, be they doing their homework or writing letters of complaints to the emperor for the unjust destruction of Alderaan.

On a smaller scale there is also the LED Keylight range. The series includes the likes of Darth Mual, Storm Troopers and, as we had our mits on, Master Yoda himself. Each comes complete with a handy keychain and a (surprisingly bright) pair of LEDs in the feet.

This range is much smaller that the desk lamp figure, but is still not quite as small as an actual Lego mini figure, being about half as big again as the tiny people we used to fiddle with as kiddies. Press Yoda's tummy and his feet light up. It's as simple as that really; random, slightly perplexing, but damn useful when hanging from your keys. Obviously they were designed because we all have need from time to time for a bit of illumination, and more the better if that required gadget can be moulded into something fun. And Yoda is just that.

This would be perfect for helping you find your door/car/bike chain key hole, and for the kids as a fun little torch while out in the back yard stargazing, dreaming of the Millennium Falcon coming to whisk them away on an adventure.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Desk Lamp: £29.99
Available from  www.argos.co.uk

LEGO Star Wars Yoda Keylight: £6.99
Available from www.tesco.com
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