9 March 2013

REVIEW: House of Marley On-Ear Headphones

Just so you know, here at The Test Pit we are jammin', and we really hope that you like jammin' too. That's because our heads, ears and brains have recently been pleasured by the 'one love' that is the Positive Vibration On-Ear Headphones from the House of Marley. Even though he's been dead for a quite a few years, it seems that Bob Marley is really quite talented at making headphones. We slipped a pair over our dreads and... erm... did something else Marley related.

We were sent the Positive Vibration set of 'phones, in the 'Roots' style. There are lots of different kinds and styles produced by the House of Marley, and cater for lovers of in-ear, on-ear and over-ear musical input. The Positive Vibration kind are on-ear, which means the soft cushioning pads of the speakers sit comfortably on our lugholes. Comfort is the key word with these headphones, as the whole set is wrapped in soft canvas-like material and the frame grips our skull firmly yet gently.

Straight out of the box you know you have purchased a quality pair of 'phones. You don't need to read to the box blurb to know that the jack connector is gold plated and the cans themselves are of pure aluminium. We loved the fabric coated cord, not just because it would be near impossible to get tangled up in itself, but because the colouring matched perfectly the style of the headphones and Bob Marley himself.

Style is another important word to consider with this head set. We of the The Pit must admit to not necessarily being fans of the larger 'over the head' headphones, preferring the subtle convenience of earbuds. But after plugging these babies into our mp3 player and hitting bass boost in the equaliser, we'd be more than happy to sport them on the bus, on the street and to add an element of entertainment at funerals. Needless to say, we loved 'em.

Bass is something they manage exceptionally well, and we were blown away by the depth of sound the Positive Vibrations achieved. The noise-cancelling quality of the headset was very welcome, and they did their best at blocking out the sounds of the cruel real world as we wandered about with Bob himself strumming inside our heads. Highs and lows sounded great, and although we revelled in the deep thudding of the bass, it was not at the expense of the vocals, which came in clean and crisp.

Included in the recycled packaging box is a very handy canvas bag to keep you headphones safe and sound, appropriately in the colours of the Jamaican flag and matching the 'phones perfectly. It was a bit of an adjustment for us at first, carrying around something so much larger than our usual earbuds, but hot-darn was it worth it!

The House of Marley do some other incredible headphones (including some cool looking in-ear 'phones made of wood), speakers and bags. They seem to be music fans themselves, and following on from Mr Marley's status as a master craftsman of sound, aim to achieve that same level. They also do some great work for charity, so check out www.thehouseofmarley.co.uk

Positive Vibration On-Ear Headphones: Around £50, depending on where you buy.
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