21 December 2014

REVIEW: MIPOW Playbulb Candle

Candle in the eWind.

Candles are great for creating a mood. The subtle glow gently flickering in the background is a must-have for anyone wanting to relax (or have some sexy times!). The problem with candles is that they tend only to last as long as their wick will burn, meaning limited relaxation (and sexy) time and also an increased risk of fires and burns. If only there was an alternative to the traditional candle that was modern, safe and customisable. BAM! It's the Bluetooth MIPOW Playbulb Candle!

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19 December 2014

REVIEW: Aldi Medion Life Smartphone

Once in a lifetime

Following fast on the heels of last week's release of their new budget tablet the Lifetab (which we reviewed here) Aldi have also stepped into the world of smartphones with another pre-Christmas tech release, the Medion Life. We put it to the test.

18 December 2014

FEATURE: A Christmas Kitchen

Deck the kitchen...

You might lust after the very latest in technological wonderment this Christmas, buying as you do whatever tablet, smartphone and swartwatch your bank account will allow. But spare a thought for your dear old kitchen, won't you? The kitchen can take quite a hammering over the festive period, what with the extra time you have off work, all those family members piling in, and not to mention the large amount of "figgy pudding" carol singers will demand of you (whatever the hell that is). And so, here's some kitchen gadgets to make your foody-room that little bit more awesome.

17 December 2014

REVIEW: Blue Yeti

 A good listener.

Still on a high from reviewing Blue's Awesome MoFiHeadphones a few months back, we were keen to test something else from the sound experts. This time 'round instead of trying something that pumps out the sound, we decided to review a gadget that sucks it up. And so, with our vocal cords nicely warmed up, we tore open the box of the Blue Yeti USB microphone.

16 December 2014


Warm thoughts.

Continuing our attempts to make Test Pit Towers the most modern and connected home this side of anything that Richard Branson owns, we turned to our boiler. Bless that thing; heating our water every day to keep us nice and toasty as we crash test remote controlled helicopters and sport the latest jumper from Norway... if only there was something we could get it, to show our appreciation. Fortunately the 'connected tech' AND 'present for your boiler' bases are aptly covered by British Gas with their new Hive Home Heating system.


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