31 July 2015

REVIEW: Aldi Fishing Range

We're hooked.

They say angling is Britain's most popular pastime. We've always found that odd, as we thought Britons loved nothing more than getting into arguments with strangers on Facebook. Still, if breaking out the rods is a favourite thing of yours to do, you'll be chomping at the bit to see Aldi's latest Specialbuy range. Whereas last winter's fishing range was all about clothing to wear, this summer's selection sees the supermarket release a bunch of handy kit and accessories. Let's cast off, shall we?

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COMMENT: Taking it easy - Interview with Patrick Joseph

If you think setting up your own coffee company would be difficult, try also inventing a new coffee brewing and storage gadget. Those are just two of the daily challenges faced by Patrick Joseph, owner of Haute Culture Coffee Company and inventor of the COFFEEASY. Howard Mosley-Chalk caught up with Patrick to get his take on the perfect cup of joe.

29 July 2015

REVIEW: Fitbug Orb

Catch the Fit bug.

Although rain is lashing the windows of Test Pit Towers as we write this, it is in fact summer right now in dear old Blighty. Ordinarily summer is the perfect time of year to kick start a new fitness regimen, and once the sun shows itself again (we hope soon) we have the perfect gadget to help get you active before the leaves turn red. It's the Fitbug Orb.

COMPETITION: Win SSHH! Don't Wake Dad! game from Drumond Park.

Quietly does it...

Sorry parents, it seems that time of year has returned once again. The summer school holidays should now be in full swing for most families, and if you feel you're already running out of ideas to keep the darling wee angels happily occupied, never fear... we're here with a another fantastic giveaway courtesy of Drumond Park. Read on, and you could win a copy of SSHH! Don't Wake Dad!

28 July 2015

REVIEW: datAshur SSD Flash Drive

Assuring your data.

As people constantly on the move, we're always concerned about how to safely carry around important digital files, conscious of what might happen should we lose them and they fall into the wrongs hands. Granted, our important data is a spreadsheet of Brian Blessed quotes and bunch of fan art from Community, but still... wouldn't want a Russian spy nabbing them, would we? If your data is a little bit more important, then perhaps you need a flash drive that not just anyone can get access to. You need the datAshur SSD Flash Drive.


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