24 April 2014

REVIEW: ActiPatch Knee Pain Relief

Not a patch on this...

This review comes after probably the longest testing period we've ever done. Two months ago one of our number fell off his bike and injured his knee (apparently he got distracted by a rainbow that was "just too beautiful, man"). Fortunately this coincided with an email from a lovely PR asking if we wanted to try one of ActiPatch's new knee pain relief gizmos, and so we assume that the lucky fluke was the universe's way of saying sorry for being so beautiful.

Blogger Tricks

23 April 2014

REVIEW: Chromecast


After months of enviously watching our colonial friends play, we in the United Kingdom have finally gotten our hands on the gadget that has been making waves since last year; the Google Chromecast. No strangers to internet streaming, we were keen to see how the plucky little dongle would fit into our arsenal of tech, so we blew the dust from a spare HDMI port on our TV and rammed it in.

22 April 2014

COMPETITION: Win Bubble Buster Kazoo Game!

We don't mean to burst your bubble...

For this month's give-away of a game from Drumond Park, we're offering one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of the Bubble Buster Kazoo Game. But before we get to the competition, lets rip open the box, take a deep breath, and prepare to get bubble busting.

19 April 2014

REVIEW: Lightwave RF Home Automation

Home is where the automated heart is.

These days home automation isn't just reserved for the likes of Tony Stark, as basic control over some of your house's functions is as easy as opening a smartphone app. Whereas last year we took a look at Philip's Hue lighting system, this time we were interested in trying a product that gave the user even more control options. We found it in the Lightwave RF Home Automation range.

14 April 2014

VIDEO REVIEW: LEGO Star Wars Droid Gunship

This is the droid you're looking for

We love drones here at The Test Pit, regardless of whether they use wheels, wings or propellers. But even we have to admit that one day drones will become self-aware and kill us all. And they'll probably look like this.

Once again we tear open the box, rip open the little plastic bags and get building on one of the latest LEGO Star Wars sets, the Droid Gunship #75042. Sit back, press play and be thankful that all the flying robots have to shoot these days are little plastic darts.