30 October 2014

REVIEW: Mr Robertson custom shirts and suits

Here's to you, Mr Robertson...

Calling all dapper gents. Sure you could pop down to your local menswear store and scoop up a few new outfits... if you wanted to look like everyone else in your town. We were looking for something a little more bespoke, but fearing a creepy tailor might enjoy measuring our inside legs a bit too much, we introduced ourselves to Mr Robertson. A website that offers male fashionistas the chance to design their own custom suits and jackets, Mr Robertson gave us the chance to create a brand spanking new shirt. So we did.

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29 October 2014

REVIEW: LEGO Technic Bulldozer

 No dozing off here.

While the rest of you might be spending your evenings out with friends, dancing, partying, and generally being awesome, we're being ten times as awesome. Plus one. That's because it is once again LEGO time at Test Pit Towers, so we battened down the hatches, threw the TV into the gutter and tore open several bags of small plastic pieces. One evening later we had the new Technic Bulldozer (#42028) to show for it. What did you have?*

28 October 2014

FEATURE: Cycling Accessories

Ride hard.

Excited about our currently running competition to win a setof Leyzne bike lights, we took a look for some other cool kit designed for cyclists. We wanted something to keep us warm (but not sweating buckets), something to help us get about while keeping track of how far and where we ventured, and also something that... well, makes us look damn awesome. We think we've found them.

27 October 2014

REVIEW: Leef Supra 3.0 Flash Drive


Our computers are certainly getting smaller these days, with most people now only owning a laptop. Although great for our laps (they're as warming as a purring cat) laptops tend to get moved about a lot, whether you're squirming to get comfortable on the sofa while on Facebook, or hot-desking around the office. That can spell disaster for a USB flash drive that you have poking out the side - one knock on that and the whole thing could sheer off, ruining your precious digital data. What you need is a tiny, hard-as-nails flash drive that you can plug in and forget about. You need the new Leef Supra 3.0.

REVIEW: Oscha Raja Paprika Wrap

Wearing babies all year round.

When it comes to anything that makes our lives easier as parents, we're definitely game. So we were thrilled to be able to experience one of Oscha's newest releases -the Raja Paprika wrap. Oscha are known in the babywearing world for producing both high quality and beautiful wraparound slings and ring slings. Their highly sought after designs combine sturdy craftsmanship with exquisite luxury.


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