28 February 2015

REVIEW: Swann Pan & Tilt HD Security Camera

Pan's People.

We've reviewed lots of home security cameras and systems in the past, and there's no doubt that they are a great investment. As most of these cameras are an absolute doddle to install the only hard task you might be faced with is where to position it to get the best possible view of all your stuff. Having a camera that you can remotely move around yourself is a massive bonus, and that is just what Swann have done with the Pan & Tilt HD Security Camera.

Blogger Tricks

26 February 2015

REVIEW: PNY MicroSDHC Card Speed Test

On your marks...

Often overlooked, SD and MicroSD cards are an absolute must for many of today's gadgets. From phones to laptops, cameras and quadcopters, SD cards are required to store data and gather images and footage from the heart of the action. After being sent one of their new Elite Performance 32 GB MicroSDHC Cards, we wanted to pit PNY's kit against another leading flash storage provider, Kingston. Let the transfers begin!

25 February 2015

COMPETITION: Win a Kit Fashion Power Bank

Power to you.

Taking all your gadgets with you while on the go is great for work, staying informed and keeping yourself entertained. Trouble is, running out of juice in the middle of the park can't be sorted by plugging your phone into the nearest tree (trust us, we know). What you need is a powerful portable battery that can charge up all of your devices, be they Android or Apple. Enter this competition to win a Kit Fashion Power Bank.

24 February 2015

REVIEW: D-Link Music Everywhere

WiFi music without the expense.

Regular readers will know that we get sent a hell of a lot of wireless speakers and headphones to test. Although clearly more practical than their older wired cousins, Bluetooth and WiFi music systems tend to be a lot for expensive - especially when multiple speakers come into play. D-Link have the answer; one that won't result in worried calls from your bank manager. It's the Music Everywhere WiFi Audio Extender.

23 February 2015

REVIEW: Aldi Motorcycle Range

Burn rubber, not cash.

We had a bit of a bet going here at Test Pit Towers as to what sport or activity would next get the Aldi treatment. So far we've enjoyed reviewing their skiing range, their workshop stuff and, most recently, their line of clothing and accessories for anglers. Although paintball was the hot favourite for Aldi's next range (come on Aldi, imagine it... goggles, helmets, paint ball guns!), it is in fact motorcyclists who should be particularly interested in the following. It's the Aldi Motorcycle Range!


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