20 October 2014

COMPETITION: Lezyne Micro Drive Bike Light Set

See you, Jimmy!

As the nights get longer and the weather starts to hate all humankind, you can be sure that Autumn has well and truly started. In no time at all the sun will be a thing of mere memory, and bright daylight-filled afternoons something that used to happen. If you're a cyclist than this time of year can be particularly dangerous as it gets harder to be safely seen while on the road. What you need is a set of Lezyne Micro Drive bike sets, courtesy of cycling accident solicitors Cycle Aid.

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15 October 2014

REVIEW: KitVision Edge HD30W Action Camera

Living on the edge.

If you, like us, spend most of your time jumping out of aeroplanes, skiing down mountain sides and scuffing up the half pipe on your BMX, chances are you’ll want to share your exploits with the world. Trouble is, simply describing that 15,000 feet sky drive you just completed doesn’t make for a very exciting YouTube channel – what you need is an action cam. Believe it or not, GoPro is not the be-all and end-all of the market, as we discovered after testing the KitVision Edge HD30W Action Camera.

14 October 2014

FEATURE: Autumn Apparel #2

When Helly freezes over.

We recently published a pretty comprehensive guide to some cool new clothing items to protect you from the worst autumn has to chuck at us. Thing is, as some of you may have noticed, our choice of items leant a little more to the Y chromosome. That is why, thanks to our chums at Helly Hansen, we've tested a few awesome autumnal clothing pieces for women.

10 October 2014

REVIEW: LEGO Minifigures Series 12

Figure these out.

The crinkle-crinkle of foil bags has once again returned, as onto the doormat of Test Pit Towers has fallen yet more mysterious LEGO minifigures. Whereas last time we knew that each of the random bags would contain a character from The Simpsons, this time round we've purposely kept ourselves in the dark about who Series 12 will incarnate in plastic. We tore those bags open, assembled the pieces before the dog ate them, and met the new arrivals.

9 October 2014

REVIEW: Logitech K480 Multidevice Bluetooth Keyboard


Touchscreen gadgets might be everywhere these days (check your pocket), and certainly they are incredibly handy, but nothing beats the convenience - and typing speed - of a physical keyboard. But as we toil away on our computers,  tablets and phones simultaneously, you might find yourself having to decide which gadget gets the keys. Until now. Logitech have stepped up the convenience quota with the K480 Multidevice Bluetooth Keyboard.


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