8 February 2016

REVIEW: Homido Virtual Reality Headset

Heads up.

VR is getting bigger and bigger these days, not because of super-heavy Lawnmower Man-style devices, but because of our smartphones. Google’s simple Cardboard headset started the craze, and now most phone and gadget companies are scrambling to cash-in on the latest trend of wearing your phone on your face. What a world, eh? To that end we take another virtual step forward by testing the Homido Virtual Reality Headset.

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6 February 2016

Kre-O Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey

It's a construction set, Jim; but not as we know it.

We were excited to recently learn that MEGA Bloks will soon release a new range of Star Trek building sets based on the original 1960s series. Which got us thinking: why hasn't there been any other Trek-based brick-building sets before? But there has. Hasbro got in there a couple of years ago after the release of Star Trek Into Darkness with their Kre-O range of toys. To check them out, we review the Klingon Bird of Prey.

5 February 2016

COMPETITION: Win a Leef iAccess

Access all areas. 

iPhone users! Sick of running out of storage space because your device doesn't have a SD card slot? Worry no more, our Apple-loving friends, as we have just the thing for you. Enter today to win a Leef iAccess!

4 February 2016

REVIEW: Fungus Amungus

Sticky fun.

You might remember a couple weeks ago when we tweeted some pics of a very strange package that we received in the post. On opening the box we discovered a few gross little visitors had come to Test Pit Towers... and they're refusing to leave. We check out the Fungus Amungus.

3 February 2016

REVIEW: Case Logic LoDo Medium Backpack

Case in point...

We love stuff here at The Test Pit, and so therefore we're a bit concerned about said stuff when we have to lug it around. Fortunately we also love bags and are fortunate to test some truly awesome ones... today being no exception. Loading up on all the essentials it takes to keep this website going (a laptop and a Costa Coffee card with at least enough points on it for a double espresso) we take the Case Logic LoDo Medium Backpack for a spin.


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