24 November 2014

REVIEW: Knomad Mini

In the Knomo.

Wires, chargers, flash drives, headphones, SD cards, credit cards, business cards, pen. That's just a selection of some of the very important crap we lug about with; all of which gets tangled up at the bottom of our bags rucksacks (and that's before we even get to our phones and tablets!). Tired of having to employ multiple confusing and fiddly pockets, we were desperate for something to sort us out and organise our 'everyday carry' stuff once and for all. And the Knomad Mini from Knomo did just that.

Blogger Tricks

22 November 2014

REVIEW: Monster Powercard Mobile Charger

Staying in charge.

Keeping those vital gadgets juiced up is second only in importance to breathing these days. The trouble is that often we're not always within easy reach of a USB port to plug in our phones and tablets, let alone a wall socket. That's why we adore mobile USB chargers here at The Test Pit, as they make electricity as abundant and as easily accessible as air. And so we test the super slim Powercard from musical accessory maestros Monster.

21 November 2014

REVIEW: LEGO Minecraft

Digging deep.

These days our dear chums at LEGO hold licences to produce a range of toys in various different fictional worlds; from the the battle grounds of Star Wars to the weird happening of the Marvel Universe. But, as with all LEGO creations, these worlds are then recreated in plastic blocks, making them distinctly LEGO-y. Surely it would make sense to make sets from an already blocky and cuboid world. Oh wait, they have. It's LEGO Minecraft!

20 November 2014

REVIEW: Brainy Bike Lights

Cerebral cycling.

Each one us a keen cyclist, we at The Test Pit know all too well about the dangers of getting around on our bikes at this time of year. What only a couple of months ago was a pleasant evening commute home through the city, has  now become a fight to be seen and stay safe. Always looking for innovative cycling accessories, we jumped at the chance to give the very clever, very brainy Brainy Bike Lights a spin.

19 November 2014

FEATURE: Christmas Stocking Fillers - Toys

You're gonna need a bigger stocking.

Our previous foray into the world of Christmas gifts for young 'uns yielded some pretty pint-sized delights. But although lots of little gifts can help bolster the underside of your tree, what kids really crave are those massive boxy presents which are referred to in hushed tones at school as 'the big one' or 'my main pressie'. And so we rolled up our sleeves and got playing with some bigger and entirely more awesome toys.


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