18 August 2014

REVIEW: Datashur Personal USB Flashdrive

Getting personal. 

One of The Test Pit's first ever reviews was of the DatAshur Secure USB Flashdrive. Massively impressed with the drive's ability to encrypt your saved data, which is then only accessible after entering a pin number on the physical keypad, we've kept a close eye on maker iStorage. That's why we were very happy to test their latest weapon in the fight against data theft, the DatAshur Personal.

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14 August 2014

REVIEW: Garmin Approach G8 Golf GPS


We've already been impressed by the awesome Virb EliteAction Cam, so we were excited to try something else from navigation experts Garmin. So grab your clubs, jump in a buggy, and we'll meet you on the fairway.

The Approach G8 Golf GPS is a handheld digital buddy that helps you get yourself, your clubs and your caddy around a golf course. Smaller and lighter than most smartphones, it features a three inch touchscreen and a battery than can last up to 15 hours.

12 August 2014

REVIEW: Playmobil Remote Control Pirate Ship


Arrr! We're taking to the high seas maties, to shiver our timbers and scrub our poop decks. That's because we've been weighing anchor with a new addition from Playmobil, the Remote Control Pirate Ship. So set sail ye scurvy dogs,  as we test the bejesus out of it,  right the way down to Davy Jones' Locker!

8 August 2014

VIDEO REVIEW: Pringles Party Speaker Promotion

Once you pop...

Right now those stalwart snack makers are offering a free party speaker with every two tubes of Pringles purchased. Ever ones to check the quality of snack foods, we dived right in to test the speaker you'll receive as part of the promotion.

7 August 2014

REVIEW: Lantronix xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition

Are you being served?

One of the world's greatest mysteries is how printers work. Seriously, we've never really been able to understand them, let alone work out how to easily connect our laptop to one. It's been a problem for us since the 1980s, and now that most of us work on mobile devices like Android phones and tablets, printing is an even bigger conundrum. That is until we discovered the xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition from Lantronix.


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