19 September 2014

REVIEW: Hexbug Aquabot Shark Tank

You're gonna need a bigger bowl.

We're big fans of the robotic toy range from Hexbug, and in the past we've tested both the microbot Hexbugs themselves and also recently the amazing Strandbeast. But Hexbug's domain stretches further than dry land and down into the darkest depths of the oceans (well, a five inch plastic fish tank). We got to grips with the Aquabot Shark Tank.

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17 September 2014

REVIEW: Snuggle Sac

Wrapping up.

With summer officially consigned to the past, and with the nights drawing longer and the temperatures dropping, we could all do with a bit more warmth at night. If you've got kids you'll know that no matter how many blankets you pile on top of them, come the morning (usually 3am) the covers will be on the floor and your child will be complaining they are cold. The answer? Get them a Snuggle Sac.

15 September 2014

NEWS: LEGO Star Wars to host first 'Golden Brickies' Awards

I'd like to thank the Empire...

The people from LEGO who provide us die-hard Star Wars fans with our regular interstellar brick hit, are holding a brand new Oscar-style competition just for fans. The Golden Brickies is an award ceremony which will take place at LEGOLAND Windsor in which budding builders-cum-film-makers will be honoured.

COMPETITION: iPhone 6 Rugged Life Case from Caseit

Get on the case. 

The brand new iPhone 6 might have only just been announced, but already case and cover companies are producing products for the phone that you don't yet own. Ever ones to ensure our most precious (and, if the iPhone 6 price predictions are right, expensive) tech is safe from damage, we've teamed up with Caseit to offer five lucky readers the chance to own the new iPhone 6 Rugged Life Case.

12 September 2014

REVIEW: Britax Dualfix Rear-facing Car seat

Facing backwards to move forwards.

As part of our ongoing look at parenting gadgets that help keep children safe during car journeys, we were keen to test a rear-facing child seat. Legislation regarding the direction in which children travel in the car is one area that the UK is tragically lagging behind the rest of Europe, with the majority of British parents still using forward-facing seats, even for children under one.

With that in mind we contacted car seat maker Britax to test one of their latest rear-facing seats, the Dualfix.


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