2 September 2014

COMMENT: Be a hoarder, save the planet

September welcomes Waste Less, Live More Week

My first computer was a  Commodore Amiga 500. The year was 1991 and Christmas Day was forever remembered as one of the best ever. My parents got me the pack that contained The Simpsons game where Bart battles aliens, and also the Captain Planet game which allowed kids to literally kick CO2's arse. I miss it all; the groan of the loading floppy drive, the starkness of those 32 glorious colours, and the speckled sheen of the sun-faded beige plastic casing. I threw it away in 2008.

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1 September 2014

REVIEW: Sparkup Book Reader

 The voice of stories past...

So you've had a visit from the in-laws and while they were staying with you they read to the kids every night. Not only did the kiddies love to hear their favourite stories read aloud by nan and granddad, but it gave you and your partner some bonus 'special time'. Score.

But now that the grandparents have gone home the kids still want to hear their voices reading The Gruffalo, and no matter how hard you try to impersonate your mother in-law, the kids aren't happy. Fortunately you had Sparkup to hand while they were here, meaning story time is still just as easy.

30 August 2014

REVIEW: Hexbug Strandbeast

Left stranded.

Here at The Test Pit we love Hexbug and have been fortunate to review a few of the robotic toys from their impressive range (like this and this). But whereas previously the Hexbugs have done whatever they please without human intervention, the Strandbeast puts you in the driving seat.

29 August 2014


Hot damn!

Continuing with our look at the latest in LEGO Technic offerings, we got to grips with set number 42022, the Hotrod, and dutifully filmed the results for your viewing pleasure.

Sit back, hit play, and enjoy!

28 August 2014

NEWS: Kickstarter record smashed... by a cooler

Sorry Pebble.

Up until recently the most successful product ever to be launched on Kickstarter was the Pebble smartwatch. That accolade has now passed onto something unlikely after Coolest, an innovative portable cooler, smashed the $10,000,000 mark. And the incredible things is that project manager, Ryan Grepper, only asked for $50,000 in the first place.


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