29 January 2015

NEWS: Keepod: The £5 computer in your pocket

Now everyone can be online.

Despite widespread use of laptops, tablets and smartphones, there are still 5 billion people, the majority of the planet's population, who don't have access to their own personal computer. That problem is being tackled by the innovative little gadget Keepod, which is essentially a whole Android operating system contained in a flash drive.

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REVIEW: STM Skinny Pro iPad Air 2 Case

Skinny fries.

Big fans of their many bags and laptops cases, we're always keen to check out the latest from Australian design company STM. With the advent of the new super-skinny iPad Air 2, STM have stepped up to the mark and produced a durable and usable case to keep you precious cargo safe... the Skinny Pro.

REVIEW: Revel Body Sol

Good vibrations.

Here at The Test Pit we've never ventured into the world of sex toys before (not professionally anyway) but when we heard about one new innovative sexy gadget we had to take a closer look. Packed with technology, and taking a new approach to 'things that go buzz', we review the Revel Body Sol.

27 January 2015

REVIEW: PNY Powerpacks

Power to the people.

Ever on the go, we're always interested to check out the latest innovations in the world of mobile charging. We've previously taken alook at French tech company PNY and what they offer the modern mobile person to keep their gadgets fully juiced, but now they've come along with three brand new Powerpacks. We 'charge' straight in to test them.

26 January 2015

REVIEW: Smappee

The smarter home.

Smart home gadgets don't just have to be flashy, impressive things with which to show off to your neighbours; they can also save you money while helping the environment. In our ongoing quest to make Test Pit Towers the most modern and connected house this side of Silicon Valley, we add yet another bit of tech - one that keeps an eye on all the others - the Smappee.


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