20 May 2024

REVIEW: SJCAM C300 Action Camera

The SJCAM C300SJCAM C300 is an action camera aiming to capture the thrill of your adventures without breaking the bank. We strapped it on, plunged it underwater, and put it through its paces to see if it lives up to the challenge. 

First things first, the C300 feels built to last. Its compact, rugged design is reassuringly weighty in hand, and it comes with a waterproof case that allows you to dive down to 30 metres – perfect for snorkelling or capturing underwater activities. We found the touchscreen responsive, even with wet fingers, making navigating menus a breeze. 

However, some users might find the overall build quality a little plasticky compared to pricier options. While it feels sturdy enough for everyday knocks, it wouldn't inspire confidence for the most extreme activities.

The C300 boasts 4K recording at 30fps, which sounds impressive on paper. In good lighting conditions, the footage is decent, with crisp colours and details. However, some reviewers raise concerns about it being "true" 4K due to the sensor limitations. We noticed that detail does suffer in low-light situations, with footage appearing grainier.

The saving grace here is the price point. If you're a casual adventurer or a vlogger just starting out, the C300 offers good value for money.  For professional or high-end content creation, you might want to consider investing in a more robust camera with better low-light performance.

One of the highlights of the C300 is its electronic image stabilisation (EIS). This feature helps smooth out shaky footage, a must-have for action cameras. We found it effective for mitigating bumps and vibrations during everyday activities like cycling or skateboarding. However, for particularly fast-paced or jerky movements, some stabilisation issues might still be noticeable.

The C300 boasts a unique feature: a double touchscreen interface. One screen sits on the back of the camera, while the other is positioned on the included external battery pack. This can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it offers more control over framing and settings, especially when mounted on helmets or handlebars. On the other hand, some users might find the two screens a little overwhelming, and the smaller size of the battery screen can be fiddly to use.

The audio quality is a bit of a letdown. The built-in microphone captures sound adequately, but background noise can easily overpower voices. If capturing clear audio is important, consider using an external microphone.

The C300 comes bundled with a decent selection of accessories, including mounts, cables, and the aforementioned waterproof case. This makes it a versatile option for capturing action from various angles.

The SJCAM C300 is a solid choice for budget-conscious adventurers or anyone looking for a first foray into the world of action cameras. Its compact size, waterproof capabilities, and decent video quality make it a tempting proposition. However, potential buyers should be aware of its limitations – particularly the "soft" 4K capabilities and the underwhelming audio quality.

Ultimately, the C300 is a good value option, but it's important to manage your expectations. If you crave top-of-the-line video quality and low-light performance, you might need to look elsewhere. But for capturing everyday adventures and social media content, the SJCAM C300 offers a compelling combination of affordability and functionality. 


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