14 December 2023

REVIEW: HP 930 Wireless Mouse & 970 Wireless Keyboard

We recently had the pleasure of experiencing the dynamic duo of HP peripherals - the HP 930 Wireless Mouse and the HP 970 Wireless Keyboard. As avid users of technology, we were eager to put these devices to the test and see how well they complemented each other in terms of design, functionality, and overall user experience.

Design and Ergonomics:

Right off the bat, we were impressed by the sleek and modern design of both the HP 930 mouse and HP 970 keyboard. The cohesive aesthetic made them a visually appealing pair on our desktop. The mouse's ergonomic contour fit comfortably in our hand, providing a natural and fatigue-free grip during extended use. Similarly, the keyboard's low-profile keys and a well-spaced layout contributed to a satisfying typing experience. It's evident that HP prioritized user comfort in the design of these peripherals.

Wireless Connectivity:

One of the standout features of this combo is the seamless wireless connectivity. We appreciated the plug-and-play functionality, eliminating the hassle of cords and allowing for a clutter-free workspace. Both the mouse and keyboard connected effortlessly to our devices, providing a stable and responsive connection. The wireless range was impressive, allowing us the freedom to control our devices from a distance without any noticeable lag.


When it comes to performance, the HP 930 mouse and HP 970 keyboard exceeded our expectations. The mouse's precision tracking and responsive buttons made navigation a breeze, whether we were working on intricate design tasks or simply browsing the web. The keyboard's keys were responsive and provided a satisfying tactile feedback, enhancing our typing speed and accuracy. The customizable shortcut keys on both devices were a welcome addition, allowing us to personalize our workflow for increased efficiency.

Battery Life:

Another noteworthy aspect was the impressive battery life of both the mouse and keyboard. We found ourselves going weeks without needing to replace batteries, even with daily use. This not only speaks to the efficiency of the devices but also adds to the overall convenience of the wireless setup.


In conclusion, the HP 930 Wireless Mouse and HP 970 Wireless Keyboard proved to be a winning combination for us. Their seamless design, wireless connectivity, impressive performance, and extended battery life make them an excellent choice for users seeking a reliable and comfortable input solution. Whether you're a professional working on intensive tasks or a casual user, this duo offers a well-rounded and enjoyable computing experience. We wholeheartedly recommend the HP 930 mouse and HP 970 keyboard for anyone in search of a high-quality wireless peripheral combo.

HP 930 Creator Wireless Mouse - £56

HP 970 Programmable Wireless Keyboard - £129.98

Visit hp.com

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