20 November 2023

REVIE: Twinkly C9 Bulbs

So, we recently got our hands on the Twinkly C9 Bulbs, and let me tell you, we're feeling pretty festive right about now. These little guys are like the rockstars of Christmas lights.

First off, the setup was a breeze. No tangled mess, no frustration – just plug them in, connect to the app, and bam, our place instantly transformed into a winter wonderland. We were skeptical about the whole "smart" aspect, but controlling the lights from our phone turned out to be a game-changer. Lazy evenings on the couch just got a whole lot cozier with the ability to change colors and patterns without budging an inch.

And let's talk about the colors – oh boy, the colors! The Twinkly C9 Bulbs don't just stick to the standard red and green. We're talking a whole rainbow here. Our Christmas tree has never looked so vibrant, and we can't help but stare at it like proud parents.

The customizable patterns are another standout feature. We played around with different combinations and came up with some seriously Instagram-worthy setups. It's like the lights have a personality of their own, and we're here for it.

One thing worth mentioning is that the Twinkly app interface is user-friendly, but it took us a little while to master all the customization options. Once we got the hang of it, though, it was smooth sailing.

Now, we haven't had them for ages, so we can't speak to their long-term durability, but so far, these bulbs have us hooked. Our holiday spirit has hit an all-time high, and we owe it all to the Twinkly C9 Bulbs. If you're in the market for some next-level Christmas lights, these bad boys are definitely worth checking out. We're already planning our light show for next year! 🎄✨

£189.99 for 80 bulbs, £99.99 for 40

Visit twinkly.com

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