3 December 2022

REVEW: Melitta Latticia OT Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Morning calm restored

Here at The Test Pit, we've reviewed pretty much every kind of coffee gadget. One thing we've discovered about ourselves during the many years of testing, is that we're propper lazy sods. There's nothing better than a proffesionally prepared coffee that takes ZERO effort to make, and we've found such coffee in the Melitta Latticia OT.

This is a bean to cup machine, which essentially means all you have to do is keep the bean and water reservoirs topped up, and the device will make perfect coffee everytime you want one. Simplicity is key here, as is subtle, sleek design in the boxy unit, only 20cm wide, that will blend in with most modern kitchen counters.

With water in the side, and beans poured into the top, all you need to is select the type of coffee you want. There's a level knob on the left, to vary how much coffee you're getting, from espresso to lungo, and a selecter button to intensifty the grind. Then one press of another button, and the Melitta Latticia OT Bean to Cup Coffee Machine will grind the beans and brew your beverage the same way each time. Simple.

Consistancy is really important, especially for seasoned caffeine-addicts, and we found that with the same settings we selected to find our perfect cup would stay there each and every time we switched on the machine. No fiddling every morning; just turn it on and hit brew... hey presto, a delcious hot coffe, just how we like it.

The Melitta Latticia OT Bean to Cup Coffee Machine also caters for the milky, frothy coffee lovers. Despite no such lovers reisiding within the hallowed halls of Test Pit Towers, we tested this feature rigourously, attaching the included milk spout. This can be placed into a fresh carton or bottle of milk (or milky substitutes - we love the expression 'nut milk' here) and then configured to suck up and froth. Lattes, cappucinos, whatever... all are produced as professionally as standard black coffe, and all taste great.

With every on or off, the machine cleans itself, flushing the sytem with water to make sure it boths stays in tip-top condition, and to wash out any stale milk from the pipes. There's a water level indicator, to warn you to fill up the removable tank, and also a drip tray level indicator. If drips or coffee grounds build up too much, the Melitta Latticia OT will refuse to brew, ensuring there are no overflows onto your counter. Thoughtful, that.

So although the running process and general build quality is what we've come to expect of Melitta - solid, reliable, robust - the Latticia OT seems far easier to operate than any other bean to cup machine we've tested before. After a solid month of daily use, we've never had any blockages, any spills, nor any inconsistant cups of coffee. It does the job exactly how we want it, each and every time. That menas a hell of a lot to a household of coffee fiends who struggle to cope with the world in the morning.

If you depend on a kitchen appliance to work the same way each time, and you also appreciate very good coffee, you need the Melitta Latticia OT Bean to Cup Coffee Machine. Compact dimensions, coupled with a sleek black, no-nosense design, means that this could very quickly become your go-to beverage maker. We heartily recommend!


Visit www.melitta.co.uk

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