11 November 2022

Best baby gadgets for parents

After giving birth to your little one, parents usually do their best to surround them with the best things. It applies to clothing, place of living, foods, care products and  learning facilities. But we live in a century of technology and people are constantly inventing something new that can simplify our lives. So it’s not surprising that there are lots of things connected to parenting, too. Nowadays, you can find various baby gadgets that can make parents’ or caregivers’ life easier and child’s life more entertaining. 

But there is no point in buying everything you find on the Internet or physical shops, it’s better to find out whether they are really helpful and worth the money. So, we prepared a list of the best baby gadgets that are actually useful and widely available.


  1. Smart thermometer

Of course, you can measure your baby’s temperature with a conventional thermometer, but a smart one is a real thing. The most important benefit is that it keeps a constant watch on your baby’s condition and alerts if the temperature increases above normal. It’s also very convenient to use. As most gadgets it connects to your phone wirelessly and you can check your baby’s temperature whenever you want. Moreover, it doesn’t cause any discomfort to your baby. This thermometer comes in the shape of a silicone patch that should be placed on your baby’s armpit. So a little one doesn’t ever notice he has it.

2. Smart baby monitor

This one is the best way to calm yourself  down when your baby sleeps. With this monitor you will be able to keep an eye on your little one and help them sleep during the whole night. It comes with a camera and an app, so it allows you to check your baby’s position at any time. And moreover, it can alert you when your little one moves or makes some noise. This way, you can do everything you want and not waste time when your baby’s asleep.

3. Smart bottle warmer

This device is a real time-saver for parents who choose formula-feeding for their little ones. With a smart bottle warmer, you can heat up milk quickly and easily. You don’t really need to worry whether it has the right temperature for a baby. It also has cooling and heating elements that makes it possible to prepare bottle after bottle. And the best thing about it is you can do all of these actions with your phone. So you can prepare the formula actually not being next to the bottle (check German formula)

4. Smart baby swing

Baby’s mood can change several times during the day. Sometimes, it can be really overwhelming for parents to find out the problem or make their kid calm down. And smart baby swings can cope with bad spirits and soothe your child or make him or her sleep. It has different options that you can choose from such as playing music, swinging back and forth at a certain speed or even rocking them to sleep. What makes it smart? - The possibility to control it from your phone. So it’s really easy to use as all you need is to press a button, and not to rock the baby for hours. 

5. Smart toys

There are lots of them on the market. You can choose special ones that are interesting to your little one. They are really interactive and instructive at the same time. Animals, for example, can make some sounds and be in quite realistic shapes. Toys can play music, dance around, teach letters and words and even communicate with your child. Having a smart toy you won’t worry about how to interact with your child and make this process useful for them. It’s like having a smart friend that can teach them important information about colors, numbers, shapes and others in a fun way. 

6. Smart changing pad

You can also find changing pads with different functions. But we advise you to find one with weights. That will help you to control your baby’s weight and ensure that your little one is growing and developing timely. It’s smart and it can check the sizes and alert you in case your baby needs some changes. 

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