3 October 2022

4 Phone Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

As a smartphone user, there are plenty of accessories and additions that you can use to enhance your user experience. Whether you use an iPhone or a Google Pixel handset, you can find different attachments to add to your device or technologies to use alongside it.

Smartphone accessories can be aesthetic or practical. You might want a fancy phone case to make your device look cute and quirky, or you can buy a pair of Soundcore Life Dot 2 earbuds to listen to music through your phone.

Here are four phone accessories that everybody needs, whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or for practicality.

1. Phone Case

Cases are the most obvious smartphone accessory. Since every smartphone model is a different shape or size, a new phone case is a necessity when you upgrade your device.

There is an almost endless number of phone cases on the market, with different designs and patterns. You can also get branded cases with characters, animals, and people printed onto them.

Phone cases aren’t just there to look good. They provide protection for the back of your phone, which could easily crack if you dropped your device without a case. Make sure to find a sturdy case that looks the part but also does its job of making your device smash-proof.

2. Wireless Earbuds

If like most people, you listen to music on your smartphone, you’ll need a great pair of earbuds. Going for a wireless pie if earbuds mean you won’t get caught up in tangled wires every time you want to listen to music on your phone.

Find a pair of earbuds that fits your ears perfectly so that there’s no risk of them falling out as you’re walking or running. You can get options that hook over your ear for extra protection.

3. PopSocket

If you’re somebody who likes to lie in bed scrolling on your phone while holding it directly above your head, you’ll know how annoying (and painful) it is when you drop your phone! Holding your phone for long periods of time can also cause your hands and fingers to ache from the weight of the device.

To reduce the risks of black eyes and aching hands, you can add a PopSocket to the back of your smartphone. A PopSocket is a small, circular piece of plastic that has a ring attached to it. Your fingers can hook around the ring to provide extra comfort and security when you’re holding your phone.

4. Portable Charger

When you forget to charge your phone before you head out of the door to go to work or social events, a portable charger is a lifesaver. You'll be able to charge your device from any location without needing an electrical plug socket.

Whether you're in the car or enjoying a drink in your local coffee shop, you won't need to worry about your phone losing charge or dying before you get home when you have a portable charger.

Even the cheaper portable charges can last for several hours. They're small and light, making them perfect to pop into your purse or pocket on your way out of the door.

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