30 November 2021

Why do I need a BRP card?

 We receive a lot of queries regarding the requirement of Biometric Residence Permits often known as BRP's who have been granted indefinite leave to stay for several years. Some people ask if the BRP card may be requested by the employer so that the employee can prove authorization to work in the UK. In this article, we will discuss ‘indefinite leave to remain’ and the need for BRP cards to prove your status, and in what situations you might not be needing a BRP card to prove your status.

Overview of indefinite leave of stay and how to know about your current status.

A person having indefinite leave to stay has no limitation on time he can stay in the UK and is not bound to leave the UK at any time, He will be considered a settled resident of the UK with a home in the UK.

Usually, a person is not stripped of the indefinite leave to status unless he stays in another country for more than two continuous two years. Even in that case, the status can be revoked when the person makes a "returning resident" application or if a person stayed in the UK for continuous 10 years before he left the country for a long time, he can apply to keep his indefinite leave status based on his 10 years long stay. There are hardly any instances where a person is stripped of his indefinite leave to stay status permanently.

Overview of your BRP card

The following information can be seen on the BRP card.

        Your full real name along with your birth date and place

        Your fingerprint impression along with your face photo.

        Your basic immigration status along with the terms on which you are staying in the UK

        Your status regarding access to public funds

You may also have a unique National Insurance number at the backside of your BRP card. It is not found on all the BRP cards. It is on cards depending on the issuance date of the card and the visa status of the cardholder.

The immigrant citizen needs to give an application for an NI number in case of the following situations

           The NI number is not printed on your BRP card.

           You are not being provided your BRP card

           You are about to start a job or a business, apply to get any benefits, give application to get a loan for studies, or want to pay Class 3 voluntary National Insurance contributions

Ideally, you give in the application for getting your BRP card to have confirmation regarding your status of indefinite leave to stay and you will not be forced to exit the country at any time. You can also get BRP card immigration services from experienced lawyers for the best possible results.

Need of BRP card after getting settled in the UK

You need BRP even though you have attained indefinite leave status because it will be proof and confirmation of your no-time status. It will keep you out of trouble with authorities and you will be able to enjoy a stable, secure, and settled life in the UK for as long as you desire.

If you’ve misplaced your ILR or ILE documents

It is extremely important that you submit a no time limit (NTL)  application for legal confirmation.

Below are the situations in which you might need to apply for NTL

          Your previously issue a password with the prove of NTL has gone missing, has passed its expiry day, or has been stolen

          You are missing legal documents that can prove your ILR and ILE to the authorities.

          You have lawfully made some major changes in your identity and want to get them updated on your documents

NTL can be applied through the BRP replacement service. Also, give a read to guidance provided by the authorities to know about the documents needed to prove your indefinite leave status. If you are facing trouble regarding getting the process done to get your  NTL then hire immigration lawyers who can guide you through the process and help you get your indefinite leave status confirmation. 

Get in touch with our immigration attorney

For getting to know about expert opinion, guidance, and answers to questions from a specialist of indefinite leave to remain status and BRP card, get immigration lawyer assistance. We can help you get the desired results for your applications for BRP cards. Our lawyers have experience of dealing with the cases and complete the process smoothly.

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