12 November 2021

REVIEW: Nanoleaf Lines

Straight down the line

No smarthome setup would be complete without some smart lighting... and they don't get much smarter than the kit produced by Nanoleaf. We've previously reviewed their Hexagon and Canvas ranges, and now we're back after installing - and revelling in - the clever glow of a new range of lights. We check out the Nanoleaf Lines.

As with their previous lighting systems, Nanoleaf's Lines connect together and can be easily installed on your walls or ceiling and controlled by your smarthome assistant, be it Google, Alexa, or Apple's Homekit. However, unlike those earlier kits, the Lines use backlighting to illuminate your space, creating a really unique and eye-catching look.

Nanoleaf Lines are essentially long, back-lit lighting panels which connect to each other via small hexagonal hubs. This means the angles of connections can be varied, allowing you to set up a pattern in many different ways. Ensure you have the power adaptor connected at one end (or anywhere along your pattern sequence) and you'll be dazzled by a lightshow of more than 16 million colours. Wowzer.

If you already have a Nanoleaf kit setup in your home, this will be a fairly familiar affair. The connecting hubs attach to your wall with sticky pads - small, easy to pull-off sticky pads, mind. This means Lines was actually the easiest to install Nanoleaf system we've tested, although we always recommend using a spirit level to get the angles spot on.

Set up in the app will be a familiar job, too... for you at least. We had the Lines Starter Kit sent to us before the release date of late November 2021, so had to get the app by different means. Nanoleaf assure us, however, that adding a Lines set to the app will be a simple job of powering on and searching for it on your phone, giving you further access to control the kit via the likes of quick "Hey, Google...".

With your pattern selected and your lines installed, colour options are truly limitless. Each Lines panel actually has two zones of illumination, meaning each section can shine in two different colours simultaneously. This segments the pattern even further, allowing you set gorgeous flowing light sequences or a steady cycling of colours. As with all Nanoleaf products, you can choose from the pre-set patterns in the app, or build your own from scratch.

One really exciting feature of the Nanoleaf Lines is screen-mirroring. Once set up via the Windows or Mac app, the Lines panels will react to whatever dominant colours are displaying on your gaming monitor or TV. Nanoleaf lights have always proven popular with gamers looking for a jaw-dropping setup, so this feature really adds to their appeal.

So does the music-mirroring feature. Less complex than screen-mirroring, the Linescan also be set to blink and flash to whatever sounds the unit can 'hear'. Place near your dominant music speaker, slap on some tunes, and the lights will jam along with you, matching the beat and accentuating the sounds. It could be fun for a party for some background atmosphere, or when combined with your precious gaming equipment.

The Lines are therefore a great addition to Nanoleaf's already impressive line up. Compared to their traditional panels, however, they really stand out as something different and not just 'another shape' to add to your existing system. We love the versatility of the designs and the wealth of features, but really love the soft, gentle back-lighting which makes them unique in the world of smart lighting kits.

We massively approve.

Starts from £179.99 for the nine unit kit

Visit nanoleaf.me

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