22 October 2021

FEATURE: Christmas Stocking Fillers 2021 #1

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...present buying time, again! Yay! Chrimbo returns yet again to deplete our bank accounts in the best possible way. Gifts! As ever, we're compiling several guides on the run-up to the big day, informing you lovely lot of all the nice new things you can splash out on for loved ones. It's a always a varied bag, so let's kick off 2021 with...


This compact board game has already made something of a stir on social media, for being laughably simple and for generating plenty of fun. Essentially, players are asked questions that typically involve guessing the number of something (seats on a plane, number of Bond films, etc). Instead of guessing the exact right answer, they have to offer up a range of what they think might contain the right answer. The smaller the range, the harder the guess, but the greater chance of winning.

We've had plenty of late night fun with CONFIDENT?, both for the adults and the kiddos, so this should be a definite crowd pleaser this Christmas lunch.


Available from amazon.co.uk


MacFarlane Warhammer 40K Space Marine figure

Hands up who played Warhammer 40K as a kid (or still does as an adult)? An oft neglected British contribution to the world of sci fi, the mighty Space Marines are here recreated in seven inches of highly detailed plastic, modelled by expert action figure makers MacFarlane. This particular Marine, which comes unpainted in 'artist proof' mode, is complete with Bolt Rifle and can be posed up in a multitude of heroic/terrifying positions.

Perfect for older fans of Warhammer recapturing their youth, or current hobbyists looking for their next painting challenge.


Visit lostuniverse.com

Guillermo Del Torro: The Iconic Filmmaker and his Work book

This is slam-dunk gift for film buffs. If you know someone who adores the work of Mexican director Guillermo Del Torro, maker of The Shape of Water, Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy and many more, take note. This handback book by Ian Nathan, presented in a hard sleeve, details the filmmaker's work visually, delving into details about Del Torro's methods and the stories behind some of his most memorable creations.

A glorious, colourful coffee table book, this will slap an ear-to-ear grin on the face of any film fan this Christmas.


Available from amazon.co.uk

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet

Why not turn to the dark side this Christmas and build our very own Darth Vader helmet? Granted, this LEGO version won't fit on your head, nor will it inspire fear in the hearts of Rebel scum, but it will be a fun build AND look great on your shelf. This LEGO bust of the former-Skywalker's head looks incredible once finished, and those 834 parts go to great effect in capturing the dark lord's likeness. Although possible not suitable for younger Star Wars fans, older kids and adults will enjoy the process of assembly, and how it looks once displayed.

Star Wars fans? Yes. LEGO fans? Yes. Evil Sith Lords? Yes. Wow, this gift really does tick a lot of boxes.


Visit bargainmax.co.uk

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