30 August 2021

6 Ways to Personalize Your Golf Cart

Have you recently purchased a golf cart? Maybe it’s not a recent purchase, rather you’ve had your golf cart for years and it’s looking a little worse for wear? Did you know that you can take steps to personalize your golf cart, giving it that special touch and ensuring that you can show off something that is truly you? To help get those creative juices flowing, here’s a look at six ways you can personalize your golf cart. The only question for you is just how many of these steps you want to take.

Pick Out New Seat Covers

If you want maximum impact in terms of personalization, nothing beats picking up new seat covers. This will instantly transform your golf cart and make it appear as though it’s brand new. This is your chance to choose the color, print or even fabric that speaks to you. Aftermarket seat covers are simple to install and allow you to change them up again whenever you like.

A couple of tips when shopping for new seat covers are:

·       Be mindful of the measurements and configuration that you need to purchase

·       Look for materials that are easy to clean

·       Look for good quality stitching so the seat covers will last

·       Check how well the material stands up to outdoor elements

·       Check the cost of the seat covers to ensure it fits with your budget

Add an Armrest and Drink Holder

This is another simple upgrade that will personalize your cart, while also offering a functional purpose. Picking up an armrest means the golf cart will be more comfortable to ride in, and a drink holder serves a practical purpose. You can even choose an armrest that matches your new seat covers to create a cohesive and stylish look.

Floor Mats Protect the Cart While Looking Great

Isn't it great when you can pick up an item that not only looks sharp but also serves an important purpose? That is exactly what floor mats do. They will keep the cart in great condition, since they are protecting the floor, but they also give you another way to customize the look.

Just like with seat covers, you can find all different kinds of floor mats and in different colors. If you get bored of the ones you choose a couple of years from now, it is simple and inexpensive to update them.

Jazz Up the Cart with a Body Kit

If you want to take things a little further, you can always purchase a body cart kit. You can find some really neat kits out there that are sure to make your golf cart look luxurious and expensive.

Don't Forget the Wheels

Anyone with an older cart may want to look at the condition of the wheels. If they are looking worse for wear then this is the perfect opportunity to invest in new ones. Some of the styles out there are quite eye-catching and much better than the factory-grade wheels that would have originally been installed.

Increase Storage with a Front Basket

A front basket will also alter the appearance of the cart and increase your storage capabilities. If you don't want to get a front storage basket, there are rear cargo baskets instead. This is perfect for those who tend to put a lot of “stuff” in their cart, or typically golf with multiple people at a time so need the extra storage space.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can personalize your golf cart so it doesn’t look like all the rest. The only question is: how many updates do you want to make?

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