19 July 2021

6 Awesome Gadgets for Baseball Lovers

Whether you want to improve your game when playing with friends, are the parent of a young aspiring pro player, or you’re a player yourself and want to be more competitive, there are plenty of gadgets and tools that you can use. Some will allow you to improve your swing, your pitching, or become a better in or outfielder. You also don’t have to spend thousands on equipment, though you should be ready to invest in your future if you’re serious about making it as a pro. Let’s take a look at a few gadgets all players should consider investing in. 

A Curveball Pitching Machine 

Unless you’re a pitcher, you will have to spend a lot of time practicing hitting different kinds of ball. the only issue is that many pitching machines will only be able to throw fastballs. You have machines out there, however, that can throw an inside or outside breaking ball, curveball, and fastballs up to 95 MPH. These will usually have a special design that allows them to replicate a pitcher’s arm movement and switch pitches by making simple adjustments. This could be an extremely valuable tool for any player who doesn’t get the chance to train with a live pitcher very often. 

Infield Training Glove 

You should also consider getting an infield training glove, or a “pancake” glove as they’re commonly referred to. These have a much simpler construction than your average glove and allow you to work on fast transitions without getting fatigued.  

SKLZ Impact Training Ball 

If you want to practice your hitting but don’t want to have to pick the ball out of the park every time you hit a homer, you should get yourself a training ball from SKLZ. These balls were made to not travel as far, but give you the same physical and sound feedback as a regular ball. The best part about these is that they’re nearly unbreakable, so a couple of them should last you for a while. 

Velocity Gun 

If you’re a pitcher who’s trying to improve their pitching velocity, you have to invest in a quality speed gun. Many brands make great speed guns out there, but Bushnell is considered the gold standard by many. Their speed gun has an easy-to-read and intuitive screen along with a point-and-shoot speed detection system that will allow you to get extremely precise readings on your pitches. They also have a range of 11 mph to 110mph, which makes it great for pitchers of all ages and levels. 

Insider Bat Training Ball 

This is one tool every young and inexperienced pitcher should have in their arsenal. This ball has special color markings that show proper hand placement for any type of throw you want to pitch. It works for both righties and lefties and comes with an instruction manual on proper hand position and pitching for every type of ball. 

SKLZ Swing Trainer 

This swing trainer by SKLZ is one of the most popular on the market and the way it works is simple. A plastic ball that’s slightly smaller than a regulation ball is put on a swivel at the end of a swinging arm. The swivel comes back every time the ball is hit.  

This tool is adjustable and can work for players of all ages, though it’s often recommended for young players. What makes this tool great is that it allows for repetition. This will allow you to fine-tune issues with your mechanics much faster.

In addition to investing in these tools, watching professionals at work can also be a learning experience; consider buying MLB Dodgers Tickets to observe the pros in action and pick up tips from their techniques.

These are great gadgets all players who are serious about upping their game should consider. Pick those that will help you improve the parts of your game that need it the most. 

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