26 June 2021


Big screen, small price

Since reviewing the 10 Pro and 10 5G last year, we've kept a close eye on what TCL can do... and how much they charge for it. We were impressed by the aforementioned phones, especially when considering you were getting high-end specs for mid-range prices. Now TCL are back with something else to catch our eyes, the TCL 20 SE.

Your main headline with this smartphone is that the TCL 20 SE is a budget handset with a huge screen. You get 6.82 inches of an LCD screen, pumping out 720 x 1640p. That makes it one of the largest screen sizes for a standard, non-folding phone, but comes wrapped in a mostly plastic, cheap-as-chips device.

How cheap? Well, right now in the UK, the TCL 20 SE is available for around £140, or indeed free on a contract of between £14-16 per month, depending on data allowance. That's pretty insane, and has already snagged our attention as a great deal. But is it worth it?

As you might imagine, the TCL 20 SE is an Android phone, powered by 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Inside you'll find a fairly mediocre Snapdragon 460 chip, so already you can guess that this will not be blowing your mind with speed. However, included are five cameras, You get a 16MP main shooter, a 5MP ultra-wide sensor, a 2MP macro, and another 2MP depth sensor. On the front there is also an 8MP selfie cam, and all are powered by some great software that offers features like slo-mo and light-tracing, etc.

What isn't fantastic is the quality of the shots. Most photos taken, depending on the light, are a little flat and lack depth of colour. You can also only record video in 1080p at a maximum of 30fps, so this might put the videographers right off. But still, for everyday use and viewing images and videos mostly on the device itself, it's fine.

One thing to note is how cool the TCL 20 SE looks. Seriously, TCL make some gorgeous hardware, and we're still in the love with the striking design of the 10 Pro. This phone comes in a choice of green or black, but with the shiny back and frosted strip along the camera module, it looks the business. Plus, let's not forget how big this thing is. It will turn heads when you pull it out in the pub. The 5000 mAh battery will keep it going all day, too.

So despite slower speeds, less than impressive photography, and a heft that will turn away small-handed peeps, there is still a lot to celebrate in the TCL 20 SE. The price is the winning factor here, and being able to put all this in a device available for around 15 quid a month is a sound deal, and perfect for those a budget.

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