14 May 2021

REVIEW: INEOS Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser

Clean hands, hands free

You might have missed it, but the last 18 months or so have been somewhat disrupted by a little thing called Covid-19. To help fight the spread of the virus, hand sanitiser has become a must-have possession, but not all are created equal. To help keep you and your family as safe as possible during these infectious times, INEOS introduce the Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser, which we happily tested.

Chances are, you've been using something like this for the past year, especially when entering a business or office. However, a touchless, sensor-activated dispenser isn't something you typical find in the home, and certainly not this good-looking.

The INEOS Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser has been deigned to be as easy to use as possible, while appearing like something that would compliment any modern home. You simply stick your hand under the dispenser and a jet of sanitiser gel is squirted onto it. You don't have to touch anything, there is no button to press, no plunger to lean on, and no leaky spout.

Encased in brushed aluminium, the INEOS Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser looks the part, being styled more like an internet router than a piece of healthcare tech. It's wireless, thanks to the removable, USB-charged battery, and can be refilled with INEO sanitiser cartridges. These are self-contained, so no mess from pouring in gloopy gel.

Inside, once you lower the front plastic panel, you can get at all these essential components. You can also select the amount of gel to be dispensed with each use. You do this with a simple tap of a button and a light will display the number of squirts your hands will get. That's a great way of prolonging the life of each gel pack.

As it's a no-sweat kind of gadget, you actually do find yourself using it more. We positioned it right by the door of Test Pit Towers and very soon got into the habit of using it whenever we entered or left the house. Not having to fiddle with a small bottle of gel, or a caked-up spout, encouraged us to sanitise more, and surely that's what's important right now.

It works well and it looks great, making the INEOS Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser a real help in getting us out of this damn lockdown and back to normality.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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