27 December 2020

New Immersive Games To Experience In 2021

Gamers don't usually join the new year's resolution hype. And if they decide to stretch around and break a sweat, it must arise from sheer will to make a change, not by social pressure. Whatever guiding force it is, the question boils down to how one can burn the extra fats stored through the pandemic. 

 Tech made our lives easier with all the devices and shortcuts that help save time. However, they might realize that the adopters' lifestyles have gradually become sedentary. Instead of using the time they saved on family matters, health, and wellness, people tend to engage with more work and tech-related activities.


Involved companies have been brainstorming on how they can cheat gamers into thinking that they're playing a game when they actually have a workout. Some games wear an intent to kill your fats, but they will make your exercise look like an accident. While the gaming industry has not identified this genre, we still collected a few enjoyable, immersive games to experience in the year 2021.  


Superhot VR


Stop the time and evade all the stuff fired or thrown at you, like The Flash or Quicksilver. Superhot VR allows you to think of possible poses that will help you dodge projectiles or bottles. Whether you sidestep or duck, things can become intense, and you'll be dripping a lot even before you knew it. Time to pull off the same stunt Neo of The Matrix pulled off to avoid the bullets hurled at him in the film.


Golf Simulation


In a motion game, fun matters. As such, you may need a realistic sports game that you can play indoors. Mevo Plus with Flightscope technology helps enhance golf simulation games by precisely measuring ball flight and club swings. As a result, you get highly-accurate golf gameplay while staying safe at home.


Pistol Whip


An immersive shooting game that would remind you of another Keanu Reeves hit movie series. Pistol Whip gives you a John Wick-esque feel as you battle against assassins, who are probably after a hefty bounty on your head. Dodge their attacks and shoot a few to survive the game. Earn bonus points if you sync your shots to the rad soundtrack.


Beat Saber


Although it did not come from a galaxy far, far, away, Beat Saber earned a huge fandom, especially the approval of those who adore lightsabers. Beat Saber lets a player duck, jump, dodge, slice, dice, and do every nice move to survive the level. Time all these movements with hip, groovy music and be in a muck sweat in just a few minutes of the gameplay.


In Death: Unchained


Time for some adventure. While our favourite mainstream games are not yet as immersive as we want them to be, there are a few out there that could keep us busy and perspiring. One of them is In Death: Unchained, a game that takes you to an endless battle against dark mages, knights, and horrible creatures using your bow and arrows. Enhance your dexterity and agility to beat your own record!




Overturn appears to be one of the best out there for someone who's into a story-rich title combined with sweat-inducing and heart-pounding gameplay. Moreover, it may be an instant pick of someone from the Otaku fandom. Unlike other VR games that focus on a single type of weapon, Overturn lets you shoot, punch, kick, hack, and slash!

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