19 December 2020

FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guide 2020 #5

Dressed for the season

Yet another gift guide for this year's festive celebrations, but one with a different twist. This time we're coving clothing gift ideas, from casual "oh, socks!" sorta presents, to far more thoughtful and involved sporting clobber. Enjoy.

Bamigo Socks

Socks are the traditional Christmas gift to give when you're not that certain what to get someone. Most of us have feet, at least, so you're doing something right. However, why not buy some special socks this year, that will delight both the eyes and feet of your giftee? Bamigo make socks made from bamboo which results in a luxuriously soft, yet rugged, construction. Blended with polyamide and elastine, Bamigo socks come in packs of four pairs, in various colours and patterns. They kindly sent us a pack to test, and we love 'em.

Pack of four £27.99

Visit bamigo.com

Haix Black Eagle Adventure 2.2 GTX Hiking Shoes

For those you know who love to get out into nature, might we suggest these sturdy things from Haix. The Black Eagle Adventure 2.2 GTX might have a hell of a name, but in wearing they are delightfully simple. Multifunctional doesn't really do the shoes justice, as they can be worn both up a mountain, and along the high street. With a GORE-TEX inner membrane, they keep your feet dry while allowing them to breath, and the anti-slip sole will keep you upright and secure regardless of the terrain you're tackling. The Black Eagle Adventure 2.2 GTX are the kind of shoes you can slip on when you're not too sure where your day will take you.


Visit www.haix.co.uk

Mainline Menswear

We were recently introduced to this clothing website, as they very kindly offered us full run of their stock to pick something out. Mainline Menswear offer a wealth of well-known brands at very competitive prices. For example, we snapped up two pairs of Levis chinos for less than £100, selecting sizes and colours with ease. Delivery was swift and easy, and the full range expands from Armani to Versace with everything in between. It's a great place to hunt for bargainous gifts, both for your loved ones at Christmas, and yourself at any other time of year. Check it out.

Visit www.mainlinemenswear.co.uk

Facelet Facemask

Definitely the most 2020 thing you can buy for someone, a face covering is now, unfortunately, an essential part of life. However, if you're sick of those one-use surgical coverings and want something a bit more practical, we recommend Facelet. This sturdy mask features a unique design that can be worn on the wrist when not in use, making sure it's always near by. It does this by utilising the elastic ear straps and a simple button on the front, to hook around your wrist comfortably. When on, it's a good, ergonomic design that is breathable and stylish. We got a black one. Like a ninja.


Visit www.thefacelet.com

Standout Men's Fashion

Like Mainline, this is a go-to resource for well-priced male fashion items. Featuring top-shelf names, they sell everything a gent will need to be fully kitted out with stylish clobber. We picked up a particularly festive pack - a three-pack of pants. Like socks, this is a Christmas essential gift item, but with a big brand name. The three-pack of trunks from Emporio Armani are 95% cotton, 5% elastine, offering a stretchy but soft fit. Perfect for both sports and 'Christmas activities' (sitting, eating), they make a great gift - as do all the items on the site. 


Visit www.standout.co.uk

Hockerty Tailored Shirts

If you know the measurements of a loved one, this would make a great, and surprising, gift. Hockerty offer online tailored shirts you can design yourself. Simply enter your vital measurements, choose a cut and style, fabric type and colour, and even the ability to mix collar and cuff patterns. Then Hockerty will make it for you. The choice of styles is alarmingly impressive, allowing you to create something truly personal - and even adding a monogram. For something no one else will be able to get them, look into Hockerty.

Shirts around £60-90

Visit www.hockerty.uk

Kymira Infrared Socks

We know... give us a sec. You actually did read that correctly: these socks generate infrared radiation and in doing so help your body to regenerate after a workout. How? Well, according to Kymira, the minerals in the sock material absorb the energy we put out while exercising, then convert it to infrared. You can read more about the science on the below link, but our experience of these, in particular the black and red Crew socks, is a very positive one. As well as being breathable and supportive, we found cramps and aches after working out were lessened in our feet and calves, which could only be attributed to the socks. Be they for a fitness-freak friend, or as something of a novelty, check them out.


Visit www.kymirasport.com

Solomon Predict 2 Running Shoes

Back focussing on your fit friends, these shoes from Solomon would make the ultimate gift. Light yet tough, these far-too-pretty-to-be-muddied-up trainers are designed to improve your game while both training and racing. Featuring a segmented, adaptable sole to offer support and grip no matter how you place your feet, soft cushioning on the inside, and a snug, sock-like fit. Plus, no one is going miss that striking white style. In testing, they truly were exceptionally comfortable, and offered a unique sensation while running thanks to that flexible sole. Also, thanks to the grip, they'll keep you or your loved one upright in the roughest of weather conditions.


Visit www.salomon.com

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