7 December 2020

FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guide 2020 #4

Any money left?

You do? Good, because we've got another load of excellent gift ideas for this Chrimbo. As ever, it's a varied selection of stuff for all ages and people, so buckle in to see if anything catches your eye.

Taskmaster Board Game

An apt purchase for the Christmas period, considering that series 10 of Channel 4's hilarious game show is just now airing. This home version brings some of the fun into your living room, offering crazy tasks to complete away from the prying eyes of a TV audience. We were sent the full game itself, and also a handy expansion pack, offering even more task options for players to tackle, inside the main game's backdrop. Amazing good fun (with lots of in-jokes) for fans of the show, but a jolly good laugh even for those who have never seen inside the real Taskmaster House.

Full game £19.99

Expansion Pack £12.99

Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Edifier X3 Wireless Earbuds

Take note: these might a gift for yourself while you're shopping for others, as these earbuds are seriously good value! We've always respected Edifier's ability to produce decent tech at more than reasonable prices. The X3 are no exception, delivering good looks, great sound quality, and a price tag to take a second look at. These truly wireless buds come in their own charging case, feature AptX for lag-less sound, are waterproof, and boast a noise-cancelling mic for clear audio calls. For thirty quid? Yes please, Edifier.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Snakebyte PS4 Controllers

With massive hype about the release of the PS5 in time for Christmas, it's easy to overlook those of us who are not intending upgrade... yet. That's why we were pleased to receive a couple of controllers from Snakebyte, designed to replace or add to your standard PS4 interface. We were sent the Bubblegum Camo wireless controller, as well as the wired Blue Camo device. Both look the same, with identical (but not too identical) layouts to the traditional Sony unit, with responsive controls and vibrations, and a touch-sensitive panel. The wireless version charges via Micro USB, so it's the same cable as your older controller, while the wired one uses a full sized USB to plug directly into the console. Excellent build quality, and a decent price.

Wireless £29.99

Wired £22.99

Visit mysnakebyte.com

Wahl Aqua Blade

One for the blokes, or... y'know... some lady areas, the Wahl Aqua Blade is a hair trimming phenomenon. This waterproof, electric, rechargeable shaver comes with 15 different head guards, so you can trim, edge and full-on shave to whatever length you want. As bearded, generally hairy blokes here, this has been a God-send, as not only does it do all of this on a battery with a run time of 180 minutes between charges, but can handle wet shaves, too. Bundled with a carry case to keep both shaver and guards neatly arranged, this is a winner for that special gent in your life. Or that special unruly lady area.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Zuru Rainbowcorns Sweet Shake Surprise


It's an egg thing that looks like an ice cream... WITH A HORN! Crack open the latest range from the ever-popular Rainbowcorn series of cute toys and you'll find another, larger, cuter toy. Each Rainbowcorns Sweet Shake Surprise features a soft, cuddly character and other smaller fun and collectable surprises. However, with this sweet-smelling thing you can glean extra delight, hearing it speak and even boasting the ability to record messages and say them back to you. If you've ever wanted a ball-shaped magical unicorn creature tell you it loves you, get this. But also get it for your kids who will probably love it even more.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

AlcoSense Pro

Is this a gift? Well, considering it could both save lives and hefty fines/police prosecutions, then maybe it is something to consider for a loved-on this Christmas. The AlcoSense Pro is a personal, portable Breathalyzer designed to take immediate readings from a person and inform them if they are safe to drive. Compact and light, the AlcoSense Pro can live in your car or your pocket and needs only a strong, hard blow into the flip-out sensor. It will then calculate alcohol levels in your breath, delivering a green, yellow, or red alert. If it's a no-no result, the device will also tell you when it thinks you'll be safe to drive, prompting you to re-test at that time.

Uniquely it also works in different countries, where legal alcohol levels vary. You simply adjust the country setting and blow, and the AlcoSense Pro will deliver the results. All this usefulness, and AlcoSense will also recalibrate your Breathalyzer once a year, to make sure it's up to date and functioning properly. 

As deaths on the road caused by drink driving increase at Christmas, this could be that one gadget that really makes a positive impact to someone's life. 


Visit alcosense.co.uk


Another odd one that could potentially change someone's life, the Livia is a device that claims to be the 'off switch' for menstrual pain. Essentially this is an electrode device that uses two contact pads to pass a low-level electric field through your body. You place the sticky gel pads around the source of the cramps, and hook up the small and light Livia device. You then switch it on and us the + and - buttons to control the level. 

Given to a female reviewer friend of the site (as we're currently a total womb-less, sausage-fest here), she reported almost immediate relief when using it. Apparently the placement of the pads takes some practice to zero-in on the right area, but after only 30 minutes of use, she attested to the usefulness of Livia. Pain, apparently, did not return for several hours after taking it off, so there's definitely something there. Our question now is can it be used for other kinds of pain, such as muscle ache or injuries. We'll see.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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