4 December 2020

FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guide 2020 #3

Time's a-ticking

Here we go again. We've assembled another lovely collection of stuff for your festive consideration. Be it for kids, adults, and everyone in-between, there's bound to be something here for that special someone. Or for yourself. Because you're sooooo special, y'know. You gorgeous bastard.

McFarlane DC Multiverse Action Figures

Perfect for kids from 12 to 112, this detailed-oriented range of seven-inch figures from McFarlane brings to life classic characters from the DC Multiverse. McFarlane were kind enough to fire over a literal mixed bag of figures, including Wonder Woman in golden armour from the upcoming 1984 movie, Superman, Batman, and The Joker. Each figure comes with a host of accessories, and a couple dozen points of articulation. Designed more for display and posing than actual play (but, by God, you can definitely still play with them), anything from the range would make a DC fan especially happy this Christmas.


Visit www.amazon.co.uk

Willie's Cacao Chocolate Gift Sets

Willie's Cacao makes handcrafted, unique, and authentic chocolate bars that will both delight and surprise. They kindly sent us a box with ten square bars, each delicately wrapped and promising mysterious flavours such as Ginger Lime, Sea Flakes, and El Tesoro. Needless to say, this is not your average Christmas selection box. We especially loved the Luscious Orange, which was jolly Christmassy, but everything would make a chocolate-lover's day. There is a hefty range of bars and boxes to choose from, so check them out.

Around £20 for a box of ten bars

Visit www.williescacao.com

Crucial X8 Portable SSD

Portable storage will never get old. Although just a decade ago it was impressive to carry around a flash drive with 32GB of storage, now you'll be be shunned by your tech mates - shunned, we say - for carrying anything less than 1TB. So imagine our delight to receive the Crucial X8, a portable SSD boasting two whole terabytes of storage in a package no bigger than your mouse. The sleek drive connects by the included USB-C cable and weighs just 100g. It features transfer speeds of up to 1050MB per second, and can slip into your pocket or bag as if it wasn't there. Great for both work and play, this is the ideal gift for those digital asset-heavy friends of yours.

Around £300

Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Balls Trimmer

Yes, this is an electric trimmer, especially designed for your (or your friend's) balls! Yay! If you're sick and tried of conventional trimmers nicking your sack while giving them the ol' once-over, fear no more. Balls' special blades have been made for safe testicular traversing - so much so, that if it ever does give you a nasty nip, you can send it back. No man ever wants to drag a razor blade over his sack, so a trimmer is essential to keep the balls in good shape - and The Balls Trimmer is the way to go. We've been more than pleased for the results (for actual photographic evidence of that, send us an email).


Visit uk.balls.co

Satisfyer Royal One Cock Ring

End on a high (orgasm joke, FYI). What says 'I really like' at Christmas more than a sex toy? Nothing, says we. That's why we're including this cheeky, and affordable, little number from Satisfyer to this guide. The Royal One slips over the gent's member with ease and then can be operated either by the press-button on the ring itself, or via the app thanks to the built-in Bluetooth. There is a series of vibration modes and patterns, and it charges with the included magnetic cable. Waterproof (obvs) and made of skin-friendly silicone, Christmas will definitely be cumming early this year (another orgasm joke)!


Visit www.satisfyer.com

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